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Ngesh resurfaces to answer questions related to her whereabouts

Ngesh's fans claim that they last heard from her in July after meeting Mike Sonko.

Gengetone artist Ngesh

Singer Ngesh dismissed claims that she faded from the limelight quickly after enjoying massive airplay of her hit song 'Rieng Genje,' popularly known as Kaveve Kazoze.

In a video shared by Chali wa Kibera on October 23, he addressed critics who were curious about Ngesh's current whereabouts. He stated that she is still active in the music scene and will be releasing new music soon.

"Kwa wale wanasema sijui Ngesh amepotea, Ngesh ako location, Spider Clan, Video zinakuja.


"[For those claiming Ngesh went missing in action, she is around with Spider Clan and videos will come]," He said.

Ngesh was also present and denied the allegations of her going missing in action. She stated that she has been consistently active in the music industry.

In the same video, it appeared that Ngesh was working on her project as she was seen shooting a music video in the background.

On October 7, Ngesh was trending when a fan raised concerns, suggesting that Kenyans had seemingly forgotten about her.


In response, she shared that she was simply savoring life while concentrating on her ongoing projects.

Remarkably, her reply went somewhat unnoticed on that day. People continued to crack jokes and expressed how quickly Kenyans tend to forget about artists when there is a lack of consistency.

Tim Muchiri even commented on Nyashinski's remarks, noting that Nyashinski talked about people initially praising an upcoming artist but then ending up getting tired of the same person after a while.


Ngesh is a vital member of the Spider Clan, a collective that comprises her siblings, a childhood friend, and their elder brother, who manages the group's affairs.

In his role, he is responsible for procuring performance opportunities and scheduling group meetings.

Notably, he recently organised a meeting with Senator Karen Nyamu, which resulted in a generous financial gift and a promise to cover their studio expenses.


Growing up together and sharing a deep-seated passion for music, they collaborated on songwriting and delivered electrifying performances as a unit.

Amid this musical journey, Ngesh's unique quality surfaced – her unwavering fearlessness. She stands out as the sole female member in the group, which has only added to her distinctiveness.

Former Nairobi County Governor, Mike Sonko had a memorable encounter with the rising music sensation, Spider Clan, renowned for their hit track, 'Rieng Genje,' with Ngesh wa Naivasha.

In a heartwarming video shared by Sonko, he warmly welcomed the group into his extensive walk-in closet, where an array of shoes and clothes awaited.


In a gesture of goodwill and support for the budding artists, Sonko generously offered them designer clothes.

The group was visibly excited as they tried on the stylish attire, including rugged jeans and brand-new shoes, with Sonko assuring them that they were gifts they need not return.

He also presented each member with new caps and stylish sunglasses to complement their fresh looks.

The encounter continued with a visit to the changing room, where they transformed themselves into fashion-forward individuals.


The group emerged from the experience, looking impeccably dressed and stylish.

Sonko went further by expressing his commitment to support the group, confirming that he had arranged for them to perform at his club in Mombasa, known as Club Volume, in the upcoming weekend.

Sonko shared his vision of supporting local talents across the country, recognising the pivotal role these artists play in sustaining themselves through their craft.

He emphasised the importance of nurturing and uplifting local talents, ensuring they receive the support and recognition they deserve.


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