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You're a superstar! Karen Nyamu surprises Rapper Ngesh with generous gift

Rapper Ngesh is ready to hit the studio after much-needed support from Karen Nyamu

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu & Rapper Ngesh

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has emerged as a beacon of hope for aspiring Kenyan rapper Mary Ngesh, popularly known as Ngesh.

After Ngesh made a heartfelt plea for help, detailing her challenges as an artist, Nyamu took notice and extended a helping hand.

Ngesh, who had been grappling with financial constraints hindering her studio sessions and the creation of captivating videos for her online platforms, turned to the Kenyan public for assistance.


She emphasized the importance of having a camera to enhance her artistic expression and expand her reach as an artist.

Despite her growing popularity, Ngesh revealed that she had not reaped tangible benefits from her talent, even performing in clubs without compensation, solely to maintain her presence in the public eye.


Senator Nyamu was deeply moved by Ngesh's story when it was shared on social media.

Determined to make a difference, Nyamu actively searched for Ngesh online and expressed her intentions through an Instagram post, assuring her that she would not let such talent go to waste.

"Ngesh should know that this Kanairo bebe is looking for her. This is the kind of talent we must not watch as it goes to waste. Ngeshtex is a girl of forms, and Karenzo is a lawyer of collaborations; it will be powerful," Nyamu wrote.


Nyamu's efforts to locate Ngesh were fruitful, and she promptly invited the struggling rapper to her office.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday 14, Senator Nyamu expressed her delight at meeting Ngesh in person and praised her for her undeniable talent.


She further announced her dedication to funding Ngesh's first solo project, including both audio and video production, ensuring that her music reaches a wider audience.

"It was so good to meet Ngesh yesterday! You're very talented and you're a superstar! I'm so honored to fund your first solo project audios and videos 100% na camera tifi ya kutesa hapa internet," she wrote.

During their meeting, Nyamu also provided Ngesh with a generous sum of money.


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