Outspoken Media Personality Andrew Kibe aired his regrets on unsuccessfully vying for the Lang’ata Constituency seat back in 2013, stating that it was a waste of money.

In a tweet, Kibe went down the memory lane, reminiscing on his political ambitions, with an affirmation that he better continue making “Noise on Radio” than join politics again.

“8 years ago when I was younger and foolish-er...hii ni kutupa doh na kuingia madeni tupu. Wacha ni ng'ang'ane na kazi ya kupiga kelele kwa radio” shared Andrew Kibe.

Andrew Kibe
Andrew Kibe

Kibe’s statement sparked mixed reactions among his over 107K followers, with a section telling him that Lang’ata was a big match for him.

Mukeuni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr, joined the conversation saying “Langata was certainly a tall order for you - all pun intended”.

Another used added “Siasa iko na wenyewe bro "Fake" Supporters will tell you ni wewe peke yako hakuna mwingine hapa not knowing utajipata kwa debe na kura sufuri ama spoilt votes”.

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Andrew Kibe
Andrew Kibe


In November Last year, the former Kiss 100 Presenter was advised by Netizens to stick to his day job, after announcing that he was considering a comeback in politics, after his fast attempt flopped.

At that particular time, Kibe who vied for the Lang’ata parliamentary seat on a UDF party ticket and lost to ODM candidate Joash Olum said the things currently happening are unpleasantly absurd.

“I'm still debating if I should get back into this politics thingy after my ass was whooped a gudwan Langata 2013. The ass-kissary is ridiculous,” said Andrew Kibe.

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