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Nyashinski cheers viral couple's wedding dance to his track, sends special message [Video]

The footage beautifully portrays the groom getting on one knee and holding his bride's waist, passionately singing how she is his angel.

Nyashinski reacts to viral wedding

Weddings have moments of pure emotion which often steal the spotlight, leaving lasting memories for the couple and their loved ones in attendance.

Recently, a touching scene at a wedding gained significant attention online, as a groom serenaded his bride with Nyashinski's song 'Malaika.'

The heartwarming display of love and affection brought tears to onlookers' eyes and even received praise from the musician himself.

Nyashinski, known for his soulful lyrics and captivating melodies, couldn't help but share his thoughts about the emotional moment on his social media.


The video captures the groom, emotionally overwhelmed, crying and singing to his bride with utmost sincerity. The bride, deeply moved, struggles to hold back her tears.

The footage beautifully portrays the groom getting on one knee and holding his bride's waist, passionately singing how she is his angel.

The lyrics from 'Malaika' perfectly encapsulate the depth of his emotions as he heaped praise on his beloved.


Nyashinski took to his social media to comment on the video, stating, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing. Love always wins."

The heartwarming lyrics of the song resonate with many love birds, celebrating the special connection between two people deeply in love.

The groom's rendition of the song adds a unique and deeply personal touch to the ceremony.

The lyrics from 'Malaika' capture the essence of the moment, where the groom praises his beloved as his angel.


Released in 2017, 'Malaika' has remained a timeless and beloved song that continues to touch hearts and inspire moments of love and tenderness.

The heartwarming video captured the essence of a loving relationship, where the groom's display of emotion resonated deeply with those who watched it.

It serves as a reminder that love, genuine and pure, has the power to move not only the hearts of the couple but also those who bear witness to such touching moments.

Social media was abuzz with comments from Kenyans who were moved by the groom's heartfelt serenade.


Many expressed their admiration for the couple and commended the groom for his emotional display. Love, it seems, knows no boundaries, and it can be beautifully celebrated in various ways, even through the words of a heartfelt song.

The emotional wedding moment serves as a testament to the power of music and its ability to amplify emotions and connect people on a profound level.

Nyashinski's 'Malaika' provided the perfect backdrop for this moving scene, making it a truly unforgettable wedding day.


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