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Odi wa Murang'a shares 2 steps he has taken to help ex-crew partner to no avail

A video recently emerged showing Maddox freestyling around Mirema, looking unkempt and with poor speech

A collage of Odi wa Murang'a and Edu Maddox

Former Boondocks gang member and Gengetone sensation, Odi wa Murang'a, has opened up about his relentless efforts to rescue his former group mate, Edu Maddox, from the clutches of drug addiction.

The Gengetone group Boondocks gang, initially composed of Exray, Odi wa Murang'a, and Edu Maddox, parted ways to pursue solo careers.

While Exray and Odi wa Murang'a have thrived, Maddox's life and music career have taken a troubled turn due to drug-related issues.

In an interview with a local digital media house, Odi wa Murang'a candidly discussed his attempts to extend a helping hand to his former crew member.


He revealed the challenges he faced in trying to rescue Maddox, acknowledging that taking responsibility for Maddox's actions was not solely his duty.

"Ilifika point uyo msee akaingilia drugs sana na si responsibility yangu kutake care of Maddox, pia mimi nina issue zangu," Odi wa Murang'a stated.

Odi wa Murang'a's efforts to steer Maddox back on track began with a year of continuous advice, pleading, and support. Unfortunately, all his attempts appeared to fall on deaf ears.


"Nimetry kuongelesha Maddox for like a whole year, nimehave conversations na yeye, nmemuita kwangu tumekaa na yeye for a whole month but bado," he expressed, highlighting the challenges he encountered in his endeavour.

Despite his month-long stay with Maddox and countless conversations, the battle to rescue his former group mate from drug addiction seemed insurmountable.

Maddox's behaviour was deeply influenced by his struggle with addiction, which ultimately led to the group's dissolution.


Odi wa Murang'a acknowledged the difficulty of moving forward as a group without Madoxx but believed it was the necessary decision under the circumstances.

In a separate interview, Maddox said he was willing to get help and put his life in order again.

In May 2022, Maddox shared insights about the disintegration of the Gengetone group, highlighting how his fellow members gradually began to drift apart, frequently missing recording sessions and pursuing their independent projects.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend among Kenyan former stars and celebrities facing challenges such as depression, substance abuse, and financial difficulties.


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