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Oga Obinna reacts after Chito Ndhlovu replaced him on Kiss 100

Oga Obinna's reaction surfaces as he comes to terms with Chito Ndhlovu becoming his successor on Kiss 100 morning show

Oga Obinna

Kenyan singer and presenter Oga Obinna recently expressed his reaction to being replaced on popular radio station Kiss 100.

In a heartfelt video shared on his Instagram account on Monday, Obinna is seen driving at high speed while visibly distraught.

The emotional video captures Obinna sobbing and expressing his frustration over being replaced by Chito Ndhlovu at Kiss 100.


Despite pleas from a companion sitting beside him, urging him to slow down, Obinna remains adamant and continues driving at the same speed, sharing his reasons for doing so.

Obinna's outpouring of emotions stems from his love for Kiss 100 and the news that Chito Ndhlovu will now be joining Sheila Kwamboka as the new co-host of the breakfast show.

This announcement came on Sunday 21, signaling the end of Obinna's tenure as Kwamboka's co-host since his departure in April 2023.

“New Co-Host Alert! Join us as we welcome Chito Ndhlovu who will be joining Kwambox on our vibrant Morning show. Get ready for an infusion of energy and entertainment starting this Monday from 6 am!” the station announced.


Chito Ndhlovu's move to the breakfast show follows his departure from the Kiss 100 drive show, which he previously hosted alongside Cyd Wambui.

The unexpected exit of Oga Obinna from Kiss 100 F on April 25 surprised his fans, as there had been no prior indication of his departure.

In an interview with a local media outlet, Oga Obinna revealed that his contract with Kiss had come to an end. He expressed gratitude for the wonderful experience he had while achieving his dream at the station.


Moving forward, Obinna mentioned that any future endeavors would be considered additional accomplishments, as he had already fulfilled his aspiration of working for the organization he desired.

The news of Oga Obinna's departure and Chito Ndhlovu's arrival at Kiss 100 has sparked conversations among fans and listeners.

As the radio industry continues to evolve, such transitions are not uncommon. Radio personalities come and go, each leaving their unique mark on the airwaves.


Meanwhile, Chito Ndhlovu steps into the co-host position with the opportunity to bring his own style and energy to the show.

As listeners tune in, they will undoubtedly be curious to see how the chemistry between Chito and Sheila unfolds and how they will navigate the morning airwaves together.


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