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Ommy Dimpoz gives little known details of his love life

Ommy Dimpoz declined to comment on whether his wife is expecting.

Ommy Dimpoz

Tanzanian star Ommy Dimpoz finally revealed that he is married, while speaking to Wasafi Media on August 24.

Ommy revealed that he will be visiting the U.S. very soon, since he married someone from there, although many people don't know about it.

According to Ommy Dimpoz, they got married secretly in February, and he declined to give other details about their relationship.


"Baada ya Wasafi Festival ntaenda U.S. kwa sababu nilioa raia wa Marekani na tulifunga ndoa papa kimya kimya.

"[I will travel to U.S. after the Wasafi Festival since I married from the States and it was a secret wedding]," Ommy said.

When asked why he married someone from America, Ommy said that they met there and that his wife had also visited Tanzania before they got married.

Ommy was asked if his wife is pregnant, but the artist declined to answer the question, stating that it is private information.


Ommy was asked about the death of his ex-lover, who sadly passed away in December 2022.

During the interview, Ommy clarified that Maya Mia was just close to him and that there are ongoing investigations surrounding her death.

He, however, mentioned that the news that circulated suggested that Mia committed suicide, and he expressed his reluctance to speak about the story.


Ommy then shared that Maya had lived in Tanzania for several years and was fluent in Swahili.

While clarifying whether Mia also dated Idris Sultan, he mentioned that she made many friends while in Tanzania, and he noted that Idris also has many friends.

Ommy Dimpoz also explained why his love life is kept secret, stating that not everything needs to be posted on social media.


He even gave an example of Joe Makini, who shares images of his son online but keeps his wife's whereabouts private.

He did acknowledge that people's curiosity about others' lives is understandable in today's world, but he emphasised the importance of maintaining personal boundaries.


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