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Pastor Ezekiel uses Akothee's wedding to give hope to believers

Pastor Ezekiel believes that everyone deserves to experience the joy of marriage and to be called sweet names by their spouses

Pastor Ezekiel Odero

Pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life Church has gone viral for quoting Akothee during one of his recent sermons, giving his believers hope in life, especially those who are single.

Akothee, who has often referred to herself as the president of single mothers, got married on April 10th.

Pastor Ezekiel didn't hesitate to ask his single believers what they were waiting for now that their president is off the market.


"I'm asking you, the president of single mothers is married, who has given you the government for single people?" Pastor Ezekiel asked

The man of God continued his preaching by asking his followers who had taken up the title of 'single mothers' like Akothee to drop it and try to get married through a wedding.

He challenged them to take a closer look at Akothee's life, particularly her turning point when she decided to drop her famous title and get married to her husband in a colorful wedding.

The pastor encouraged his believers to challenge themselves and reflect on their own lives, and consider following Akothee's example by seeking positive changes and growth.

"Nani amekuapisha kuwa president wa single mothers? Uolewe kwa heshima. Nimekosea mtu? Tunaeleweka vizuri? Wewe jiulize, ikiwa mtu aliyekua anajiita President wa single mothers ameonelea awe na mumewe na heshima yake, na harusi yake.


"[Who gave you the mandate to be the president of single mothers? Get married in a proper way. Have I wronged anyone? Ask yourself how the president of single mothers decided to get married to her own husband, in a proper way, and through a wedding]," Ezekiel preached.

During his sermon, Pastor Ezekiel emphasized that what really matters in a relationship is being called sweet names by one's spouse.


He cited Akothee as an example, noting that despite being a secular artist, she deserved to be treated lovingly by her spouse.

Ezekiel expressed gratitude to God for everything that has happened in Kenya and went on to prophesy that people would begin to embrace the idea of marriage after his sermon.

He encouraged his listeners to prioritize healthy relationships and to show love and affection towards their partners.


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