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Pritty Vishy's special message to Stevo Simple Boy as he mourns father

Stevo Simple Boy lost his father just days before his birthday

Pritty Vishy

Stevo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy has made an appeal to Kenyans to support her Steve Simple boy during the mourning period he is undergoing.

Pritty in a video shared online said it was important to bury their minor differences for a greater cause urging fans to have his back during the hard time.

"I have put his number on the side here, guys I want you to contribute for him, as you all know he lost his dad and the little amount that you will contribute will be highly appreciated. Let him feel that we got his back so tuchezeni kama sisi tufanye ile kitu." she said.

Stevo simple Boy announced the news of the loss of his father on January 22, which was barely a week before his birthday.


On the day of his birthday, Simple Boy penned a message paying tribute to his father.

"Tarehe 28 January ndo siku yangu ya kuzaliwa yani birthday ila imekuja kwa wakati wa huzuni na majonzi mingi. Hii siku ya birthday yangu nataka heshima zote nimpee babangu mzazi alipo hii siku nataka iwe ya heshima kwako.(28 January is my birthday, only that it has come at a time of sorrow and grief. I want all the respect to go to my father wherever he is. I want to respect him)” Stevo wrote.


The singer recently thanked his fans for standing with him through the difficult period of loss.

"It hurts so much but thank you to all who hold me during this difficult time. God give me strength 😢 rest in peace father."

News of his father’s death was first shared by the rapper’s management last weekend.

The cause of death was not revealed in the short statement in which the singer’s management urged his fans to stand with him in prayer through this trying time.


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