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Prophet Lovy pays tribute to brother Christian on 3rd death anniversary

Christian passed away in 2021 after a long battle with a brain tumour leaving behind two children

Prophet Lovy Longomba at the burial of his brother Christian Longomba

March 13, 2021, remains etched in the memory of U.S.-based Kenyan preacher Prophet Lovy as one of the most challenging days of his life.

As he marks the third anniversary of his brother Christian's passing, Lovy takes a moment to reflect on their cherished memories together and the enduring legacy Christian left behind.

Christian, a beloved father of two, Prince and Eli, lost his battle with brain tumor in 2021, leaving a void in the lives of those who knew and loved him.

Despite the devastating loss, Lovy finds solace in the grace of God that has sustained him through the darkest of times.


"03/13/2021 was one of the most difficult days of my life but the Grace of God kept me. I miss you Christian," said Prophet Lovy in his post.

Dispelling rumours surrounding Christian's passing, Lovy clarified that his brother did not succumb to brain cancer, but rather suffered from brain injuries resulting from a surgery six years prior.


"The tumor wasn’t cancerous, it was malignant but stage 4 they took the tumor out but it was so big, really big," Lovy explained in a previous interview.

Although the tumour was successfully removed in 2015, the procedure left significant damage to Christian's brain tissue, leading to complications in the years that followed.

"The overall damage to the brain...caused a lot of things," Lovy recounted, shedding light on the challenges Christian faced in the aftermath of the surgery.


Remarkably, Christian defied the odds by surpassing doctors' expectations and living beyond the initial prognosis.

"The doctors did not expect him to live more than two to three years, but Christian outlived that by many years," Lovy shared, highlighting his brother's resilience and fighting spirit.

As Lovy commemorates Christian's life and legacy, he is filled with gratitude for the precious time they shared and the indelible mark Christian left on those around him.

Despite the pain of loss, Lovy finds comfort in the knowledge that Christian's memory lives on through the lives he touched and the love he shared.


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