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Radio Jambo's Gidi shares reflections as he marks 16 years in broadcast career

Gidi and Ghost have become a staple for morning listeners, offering a mix of entertainment and information that starts the day on a high note for many Kenyans.

Radio presenters Gidi and Ghost Mulee

In a vibrant celebration of World Radio Day, Kenya's airwaves buzz with stories of resilience, passion, and the transformative power of radio.

Among these voices stands out Gidi, of the renowned Gidi and Ghost Morning Show on Radio Jambo, who marked an impressive 16-year milestone in his broadcasting career.

Gidi's journey through the years has been one of remarkable achievements, laughter, and an undeniable impact on his listeners.

"Radio broadcast partnerships are like marriage, you can’t hack it if you can’t keep up with each other’s bullshit! It’s been 16 years of Morning Radio with my friend @ghost_mulee.


"Thanks to you fans for listening and keeping us going," Gidi humorously reflected on his long-standing partnership with co-host Ghost.

This dynamic duo has become a staple for morning listeners, offering a mix of entertainment, information, and companionship that starts the day on a high note for many Kenyans.

Gidi's reflections on his career reveal not just the longevity of his tenure on air but also the profound connections he's fostered with his audience. Beyond the laughs and banter, Gidi and Ghost's show has been a platform for discussing societal issues, celebrating Kenyan culture, and providing a voice for the voiceless.


Their approachable and relatable style has endeared them to a wide audience, making their show a must-listen in many households.

As we dive deeper into the spirit of World Radio Day, other radio personalities also shared their heartfelt messages, echoing the sentiments of celebration and gratitude.

Chris Kirwa, reminiscing about his days at the English Service of KBC, highlighted the unique challenge of creating vivid pictures through words, a skill that has shaped his confidence and career trajectory.


Mzazi Willy Tuva, another stalwart of Kenyan radio, expressed his heartfelt thanks to Radio Citizen FM for the platform and creative freedom that allowed him to realize his 'Mseto' dream, impacting and changing lives positively through music and conversation.

Ghost, Gidi's partner in crime, also shared his reflections, noting, "Being in Radio for 15 years has been a full life experience.

"Working with Gidi has brought joy, tolerance, patience, and so much laughter."

Through his work, Gidi has not just entertained but also made a lasting impact on the community, proving that radio remains a potent force for good in society.


As listeners tune in to their favorite shows, they're not just seeking entertainment; they're connecting with voices that have become a familiar and comforting presence in their lives.

World Radio Day serves as a global reminder of the power and significance of radio broadcasting in shaping societies, fostering dialogue, and connecting communities far and wide.


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