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Bahati & Diana Marua offered Sh5M to delete social media after pro-smoking photo

Bahati & Diana possess massive followings on social media platforms, with 3.4 million and 2.5 million followers on Instagram respectively

Singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua

Kenyan singer Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, have received an offer from gospel artist Ringtone Apoko.

The catch? They must be willing to hit the reset button on their current social media accounts.

Ringtone, in a conversation with Eve Mungai on September 3, expressed his conviction that Bahati and Diana need to return to their faith in God, leaving behind any worldly baggage.


Ringtone's comments came just a few days after Bahati shared a photo of himself smoking an unidentified substance as he marked his ten-year milestone in the music industry.

"Bahati is confusing us. We are trying to preach to a generation where young people should not use drugs, so we expect Bahati, even if he has shifted from gospel, not to be an ambassador for drugs or attract the public's attention towards it," Ringtone said.

Ringtone didn't spare Diana from his critique either, emphasising her role in bahati's life. He believes she should influence her husband positively and steer him back towards the path of God.


"Na pia tunamkosoa Diana. Mtoto wake anatusiumbua town. Anafaa kushape bwanake," he said.

According to ringtone, the gospel community has specific expectations for Bahati's redemption. Bahati must distance himself from secular music and delete all the questionable content he has produced.


He argues that one cannot invest in the Kingdom of God while holding onto things associated with the devil. Bahati needs to start afresh, fully committing himself to God's path, even if it means losing everything he has gained.

"Gospel hatumtaki mpaka afanye vitu kadhaa. Akane secular music. Video zote ambazo amefanya adelete. Huwezi invest kwa kindom ya God na vitu umetoa kwa shetani.

"Anahitaji kudelete mpaka channel ndio aanze afresh. Lazima akubali kupoteza akuje kwa mungu akiwa uchi. Bila hiyo ni bure," he said.

Furthermore, Ringtone suggests that if Bahati truly desires salvation, he may have to make a difficult choice regarding his marriage to Diana.


Either she should embrace the faith, or Bahati should consider a spouse who shares his religious convictions.

"Bahati hawezi kuwa ameokoka na Diana ameback slide. Kama wanaokoka wakuje kipackage. Kama Bahati anataka kuokoka atahave kuachana na Diana atafute bibi mwingine wenye ameokoka or Diana asikue na choice aokoke," he said.

To motivate Bahati and Diana to take this spiritual journey seriously, Ringtone mad an offer.


If they both delete their social media channels and embark on a fresh spiritual transformation, Ringtone committed to covering the entire cost of their wedding. He promised five million shillings as a gift to support their new beginning.

"Diana na Bahati wakiokoka na wafute channels zao zote, mimi najitolea ntalipa harusi bill yote wanipee. Naweza kujitolea kuwa support na five million kama zawadi," he said.

Bahati and Diana possess massive followings on their social media platforms, with Bahati's YouTube channel boasting over one million subscribers and Diana rapidly approaching the one million mark.

On Instagram, Bahati commands 3.4 million followers, while Diana has a substantial 2.5 million following.


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