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Ringtone comes out crying after weekend in jail & day in court

Ringtone broke into tears as he explained allegations levelled against him

Ringtone Apoko addressing bloggers [Image: Eve Mungai, YouTube]

Gospel artist Ringtone Apoko broke down in tears while speaking to bloggers about his recent arrest in Karen on Friday, July 21.

On Tuesday, July 25, he was charged with assaulting five foreigners and faced charges alongside five other individuals.

On top of that, Ringtone and the other five individuals were also accused of damaging seats worth Sh5000 that belonged to Paulino KongKong's family.


As he shared his side of the story, Ringtone couldn't contain his emotions, stating that he was arrested in his own home.

Being an orphan who struggled to achieve success, he expressed deep hurt and frustration at being mistreated in his own country.

"Lakini sijui kama hii nchi iko na sheria. Kama hii nchi iko na sheria sijui nani ataona kilio changu na aweze kuingililia hii maneno.

"[I don't know if this country has laws and if there are any laws, I don't know who will intervene in this whole situation]," Ringtone said.


The gospel artist while still crying asked his fans and anyone who will listen to him to pray for him and that those who can help him in any way should also come forward.

He maintained that he was evicted from his residence, where he had lived for around ten years.

While addressing the bloggers, Ringtone was asked about land-grabbing allegations that arose after his viral video of being arrested.


In response, the gospel artist stated that some people are tarnishing his name without any evidence of him taking anyone's property.

He emphasised that fame doesn't solely depend on having famous parents and asserted that his achievements were the result of hard work, which he doesn't need to publicly declare.

While still addressing the land-grabbing rumors in tears, he said that he decided to speak up since his silence would make people think that he was arrested for land grabbing.


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