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Amenizoea - Ringtone roughs up Cassypool in Kahawa

Ringtone & Cassypool engage in physical altercation in Kahawa, YY Comedian intervenes

From left: Cassypool & Singer ringtone Apoko

A heated altercation between Kenyan singer Ringtone Apoko and Cassypool sparked a commotion in Kahawa West, Nairobi.

The two individuals, who have had an ongoing feud, unleashed their anger in a physical confrontation, leaving bystanders shocked.

According to a video shared by 2mbili on his YouTube channel on July 18, the clash began when Ringtone exited his car and initiated an attack on Cassypool in the midst of an interview.


Ringtone expressed his frustration, claiming that Cassypool has consistently spoken ill of him in the media.

Specifically, Ringtone accused Cassypool of spreading rumors about him having a wealthy sugar mummy who funds his lavish lifestyle.

"Mimi ni yatima... mi huwezi niharibia jina.Kwa nini mtu anashinda akisema mimi naishi Wanye... ati kuna mzungu ameniweka?


"(I am an orphan... stop mentioning my name. Why would someone keep saying i live in Wanye? That there is someone sponsoring my life?)," Ringtone questioned.

In a fit of anger, Ringtone sternly warned Cassypool to refrain from mentioning his name again.

"Wacha niwaambie, mimi nimeokoka lakini wakati mwingine mapepo zingine zinapigwa. (Let me tell you, am saved but sometimes some evil spirits need to be beaten up)," he said.


He emphasized his humble background, highlighting that he is an orphan who has strived to make a living in the affluent neighborhood of Runda.

Ringtone insisted on being respected and asserted his authority as a notable figure in the industry.

"Mimi ni yatima nimeng'ang'ana kuishi Runda. Aniheshimu mimi ni chairman," he said.

As the altercation escalated, YY Comedian and other individuals present at the scene intervened to separate Ringtone and Kasipul, preventing further physical confrontation.


YY Comedian, visibly disappointed by the situation, pleaded with Cassypool to act like an adult and refrain from engaging in such altercations.

While some fans have criticized Ringtone Apoko and Cassypool for resorting to a public altercation instead of resolving their conflicts peacefully, others speculate that this incident may be yet another publicity stunt aimed at gaining media attention.


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