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Senator Nyamu captions post of growing belly; 'It's been a long time coming'

Nyamu has left her fans guessing if she is expecting another baby

Senator Karen Nyamu flaunting her belly

Senator Karen Nyamu left her fans guessing after sharing a video on her Instagram page in which she can be seen cradling her belly.

In the video, her belly appeared noticeably grown, and she captioned it with "It's been a long time coming."

Before posting the video, Nyamu conducted a survey on her Instagram page, seeking answers from people about whether they have ever faced unwanted pregnancies.


In an interview with Tuko, Nyamu mentioned that her stomach was bloated after attending a relative's wedding.

She further stated that people would eventually come to know everything with time.

Nyamu, who is already a mother of three, has two children with Mugithi artist Samidoh also known as Samuel Muchoki, and one child from her previous relationship.

Samidoh on the other hand has three children with his estranged wife, Edday Nderitu.


Recently on May 2, Edday made a life-changing decision and relocated to the United States, taking their children with her.

The move came as a surprise to many, and it was revealed that the primary reason behind her decision was Samidoh's relationship with Senator Karen Nyamu.

Samidoh's relationship with Karen Nyamu has been a subject of public interest and scrutiny.


In March, Senator Karen Nyamu faced criticism from her fans online for naming her kids after Samidoh, the father of her children.

One fan went as far as expressing disapproval, stating that it was wrong of her to do so and warned her that she might regret it.

However, Nyamu responded with a perfect comeback, defending her decision and firmly asserting her stance.

She made it clear that despite any ups and downs in her relationship with Samidoh, she would never interfere with the relationship her children have with their father.


She emphasised that her kids' roots are an integral part of their identity and cannot be changed, regardless of any circumstances.

Furthermore, she posed a thought-provoking question to the critic, asking whether she should change her first child's name simply because she is no longer with the child's father.

Despite their relationship with Samidoh being embroiled in controversies, images of the two spending quality time together are often uploaded online from time to time.


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