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Nameless celebrates E-Sir's life & music in touching tribute

Nameless has celebrated E-sir's 20th anniversary in an emotional, heartfelt message

The late E-Sir

In a lengthy and emotional Instagram post on Thursday, 16, Nameless expressed his gratitude for E-sir's impact on his life and the music industry.

"It's been 20 years since you left us on that fateful 16th March morning!...Bro, Thank you for helping me see what true synergy and authentic friendship feels like...our mutual respect produced amazing result that has lasted generations," Nameless wrote.

He spoke of their shared true synergy and authentic friendship, which resulted in amazing results that have lasted generations.


Nameless also highlighted the lasting impact of Esir's life and work on him and the industry. He described the late rapper as an inspiration to many and acknowledged his role in shaping the Kenyan music scene.

"You are an inspiration to many and your life and work have had a lasting impact on me and our industry ... Keep Resting well, my friend! You are forever in my heart!" he wrote.

He acknowledged the profound impact of E-sir's music on his career and recognized the role of the rapper in shaping the sound of SouthC's finest.


Nameless invited his followers to share their favourite songs as he poured out his heart in tribute.

In response to Nameless' call, fans flooded social media with their favourite E-sir tracks, each a testament to the enduring legacy of the late rapper.

From 'Boomba Train' to 'Moss Moss,' it is clear that E-sir's music still lives after twenty years.

Here are some reactions to Nameless' post.


niverna__ Moss moss would put me to sleep, siz ananisho

jacklinendanshau Moss moss azidi kupumzika salama

estellemwai Zote ni fire Keep resting in peace legend

ianmunywe Jo and hamnitishi, RIP legend, pioneer!


The late E-sir passed on back in 2003 following a fatal Road accident.

He died at 21 when he stormed the Kenyan hip-hop scene with hit songs that saw him win four categories in the 2003 Kisima Music Awards. Nameless survived the accident that claimed E-sir's life.

He has been celebrating e sir ever since on each o his anniversaries.


At the start of 2022, Nameless teamed up with rising stars Trio Mio, Nelly the Goon, Dmore and Habib to release a special tribute song to E-sir.

The tune, dubbed Bandana Ya E-sir, features artists from across the generations for whom E-sir was an icon and an inspiration.


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