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Singer Nicah the Queen fires tough warning at critics hating on Her

Celebrities go through a lot behind the curtains- Nicah

Nicah The Queen

Singer Nicah the Queen is sick and tired of critics who are always projecting negativity on her.

The Ushuhuda hit-maker said when she was going through a tough path, critics were nowhere to be seen, but now that her life is back on track, they are all over dictating how she should live.

She made it clear that the only person she owes an explanation is her God and her two Kids.



“When I was going through some tough paths in my life I never saw any of you more especially those of you who are always sending negative vibes on my wall!! But now I have gotten myself and that of my kids back on track and living the best way I know how and you are all trying to pull me down with your negative comments and words... the only person I owe is my God and my kids!” she said.

The singer added that celebrities are also human and do struggle like any other person and therefore Netizens should stop expecting them to be perfect.

“So if you don't have something positive to say or support my projects then shut up!! Celebrities go through alot behind the curtains and you might be the reason someone looks forward to living the next day or end it all!! We are also HUMAN and blood runs in our veins!! #Jesusgurl" Nicah added.


Nicah is currently riding high with her second collaboration with Hope Kid dubbed #KooKoo.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time the singer is fighting off critics. In March 2021, Nicah was again on the spot over what Netizens termed as flaunting her curvy figure in church advert.


Addressing the same, Nicah said she created the video innocently, but unfortunately it was blown out of proportion due to her curvy body. She argued that her body should never describe her religion or love for Christ because even if she wears a sack her bum will still jiggle.

“Apparently am trending for the video I did last Sunday inviting you guys to church...I did an innocent video and walked an innocent walk. If it was a petite person walking I don't think it would have blown out of proportion. I love God and that will never change. My body should never at one point describe my religion nor my love for Christ and even if I wear a sack my bum will still jiggle. I welcome you to our church CHRIST EMBASSY ALONG SHIMO LA TEWA ROAD. #JESUSGURL Wrote Nicah the Queen.


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