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The fat paycheck that sealed Michael 'Smallz' Munyoki's fate in acting

Smallz Munyoki has featured in top shows such as 'Single Kiasi', Trap 'House', 'Mpakani', among others.

Actor Michael 'Smallz' Munyoki

In an industry where beginnings are often marked by humble paychecks and minor roles, actor Michael Smallz Munyoki's entry into the acting world was anything but ordinary.

His debut in acting wasn't just a foot in the door – it was a lucrative paycheck that left him stunned and motivated to pursue his passion even further.

Munyoki's story is one of perseverance and determination. Despite starting with minor roles as a background actor, his first paycheck was anything but minor.

"My first paycheck as an actor was very good, which is why I even decided to stick to acting. I was a background actor, mostly dancing and singing, and when I got the check, I could not believe it. It was Sh96,000," Munyoki revealed.


The substantial paycheck served as validation for Munyoki, reinforcing his belief that pursuing his passion could indeed lead to financial success.

"I looked at the check and said if I can do what I love and get paid for it, then why am I struggling? Then I said, come what, I am sticking to my art," he added.


But Munyoki's journey wasn't without its challenges. Despite the initial windfall, he experienced fluctuations in his earnings as he navigated through the industry.

Beyond the allure of fame and financial rewards, Munyoki emphasiees the importance of mental wellness and a strong support system.

He credits his friends, family, and wife for keeping him grounded and reminding him of his roots.


"I picked abit of what the artists abroad usually do, I kept my connections from childhood very strong. I am very close to my family, wife and kid so they keep me grounded," said Munyoki.

Today, Munyoki is celebrated for his roles in popular shows such as 'Trap House,' 'Mpakani,' 'Njoro wa Uba' 'Chini ya Mnazi' and 'Single Kiasi,' among others, marking his ascent from a background actor to a notable figure in the Kenyan entertainment scene.


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