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Will Ruto answer? Broke Magix Enga, with 1-month-old son & rent dues, cries for help

"I tried to pull myself together..."Struggling producer Magix Enga is once again in the spotlight, this time, seeking President Ruto's support

Music producer Magix Enga

Music producer Magix Enga, known for his chart-topping beats and his collaborations with various artists, recently took to his Instagram page to share a message with his followers.

In his post, he revealed that he's going through a tough time and is seeking assistance from his fans and Kenya's President William Ruto.

Magix Enga is the creative force behind many hit songs, including King Kaka's 'Dundaing,' Otile Brown's 'Watoto na Pombe' 'Maja,' 'Mapenzi Hisia,' and many more.


These songs have garnered substantial success, but Magix Enga has revealed that he hasn't received the benefits he expected from them.

In his message, Magix Enga claimed that some artists he collaborated with took advantage of his talent and didn't compensate him fairly for his work.

According to the producer, many of his creations, particularly in the Gengetone genre, have received immense love and recognition, but he hasn't benefited from them as he should.


For example, 'Mamiondoko,' one of the most trending Gengetone songs, hasn't brought him the rewards he anticipated. Similarly, 'Digidigi' by Arrow Boy, with over 10 million views, hasn't yielded any financial returns for Magix Enga.

This has left him in a precarious situation. In his words, despite being a key player in the success of these songs, he hasn't reaped the rewards he deserves.

"Some of the artists that I did collabo with them took advantage of Me. Most of the songs that I produced i.e. (dundaing,watoto na pombe Otile brown ft Enga and maja, mapenzi hisia)and many others which am not benefiting from them," he wrote.


Adding to his struggles, Magix Enga mentioned that he recently became a father. He has a one-month-old baby boy who depends on him for support.

The responsibilities of parenthood have added to the weight on his shoulders, making it even more urgent for him to seek help.

He revealed that the studio where he was working had to shut down due to rent issues. This setback has further hindered his ability to make a living through music production.

"Right now am writing this I have 1 month baby boy who's depending on me. I tried to pull myself together but the studio I was working was shut down because of rent issues," he said.


Despite these challenges, he still maintains his belief in his abilities and considers himself the best producer in the game.

In a plea for help, Magix Enga reached out to President William Ruto, urging him to provide support not only to him but also to the music industry and his fellow colleagues.

"Currently, I, don’t have a job. Our president Dr William Samoei Ruto I can urge you to please help me in whatever support. You can start in the music industry with my colleague," he wrote.


In October, he shared that he had embarked on a journey of transformation. This journey began with a significant change—shaving his signature dreadlocks—a symbol of his commitment to change.

Months before this transformation, he opened up on his Instagram account about spending three months in rehab to battle drug addiction.

He explained that he turned to drugs as a way to cope with the pressures of life, but it ultimately led to addiction.


This revelation about his struggle with addiction is a testament to the challenges many individuals face when dealing with mental health issues and substance abuse.


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