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'Sultana' actress Dida appeals for financial support in brave breast cancer battle

'Sultana' actress Bwire Ndubi, 'Dida,' urgently needs financial support for cancer treatment overseas

Sultana actress Winnie Bwire Ndubi

In a heartfelt plea on December 19, Bwire Ndubi, widely known as Dida from the popular Kenyan drama series 'Sultana,' has reached out to the public, seeking financial assistance for her ongoing battle with metastatic breast cancer.

The actress, who has been fighting the disease for the past two years, is aiming to raise Sh7 million to undergo crucial medical treatment overseas.

In an Instagram statement, Dida expressed her gratitude for the support she has received so far and shared her challenging journey, stating, "Isn’t it funny? How frugal life is? One minute you’re living a beautiful one, and the next, you’re facing demons you never thought you’d face in your entire lifetime."


She emphasised the importance of community support, stating, "It takes a Village to do absolutely anything."

The actress highlighted the urgency of the situation, acknowledging the unpredictable nature of life's challenges.

She appealed to well-wishers, saying, "I’m coming to the only village I know, please take a moment to stand with me on this journey of recovery by donating anything you can to help me reach the required goal of 7 million shillings.


Her request for support aims to ensure that she can access the necessary medical attention overseas, which plays a pivotal role in potentially saving her life.

Bwire Ndubi, also known as Dida, gained popularity through her role in the Kenyan drama series 'Sultana.'


The actress has been actively involved in the entertainment industry, contributing to the vibrant storytelling landscape in Kenya.

Despite facing a formidable health challenge, Dida's determination and resilience shine through as she reaches out to the public for assistance.

For those willing to support Dida in her battle against metastatic breast cancer, details on how to contribute can be found on the poster below.


As the public rallies behind Becky actress Bwire Ndubi, the hope is that the collective efforts will bring relief and healing to a beloved member of the entertainment community.


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