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Mdomo imeniharibia - Teary Justina Syokau regrets remarks to Pastor Ezekiel & Andrew Kibe [Video]

In the 10-minute-long video, Syokau said her remarks towards Andrew Kibe, Pastor Ezekiel and Eric Omondi had cost her jobs

Justina Syokau

Singer Justina, known for her song 'Twendi Twendi,' recently shared a tearful video on TikTok, expressing apologies for her past insensitive remarks.

In the emotional TikTok video, she sought forgiveness from individuals she had previously offended, including media personality Andrew Kibe, Pastor Ezekiel Odero, comedian Eric Omondi, and women working in the Gulf.

Andrew Kibe was one of the first on her list of apologies, and she regretted her remarks about him being financially supported by a woman in the US.

In an earnest plea for forgiveness, Justina even offered to create a song for Kibe as a token of her remorse.


"Alikuwa anaita watu kafukuswi, and nilikuwa nafeel nikama anaharibia watu majina. Nikambash. I'm very sorry. Since nikutusi, sipatangi kazi, hata pesa sipati, I'm just so sorry," a tearful Syokau said.

Not stopping there, Justina addressed Pastor Ezekiel Odero, admitting her hurtful remarks about his sentiments on single mothers.

Although she acknowledged the truth in his words, she confessed that it stung her deeply.


She humbly requested the pastor to pray for her job opportunities to be restored, as her recent actions had cost her work prospects, even affecting her music career.

"Alisema single mothers hatuna nyota ya ndoa. Alisema ukweli, hatuna nyota ya ndoa. Lakini iliniuma hio ukweli. Since nikutusi sipatangi jobs, hata kampuni zilikuwa zinaniita kuimba hazinipei kazi. Mchungaji niombee nyota ya kazi irudi, I'm just down," she expressed.

Apart from her apologies, Justina disclosed the personal struggles she has been facing, explaining her absence from the music scene.

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Her son's illness has consumed her time and energy since January, making it challenging to focus on her music career.

"Kutoka January nimekuwa back to back kwa hospital, hata first time hakusoma, he was very sick. Hii term nashukuru Mungu anasoma but bado hajapona. Pastor Ezekiel, ombea tu mtoto wangu apone," she shared.

Lastly, Justina acknowledged that her outspoken nature had gotten her into trouble, affecting her work opportunities and relationships, including with comedian Eric Omondi and women working in the Gulf. She confessed, "I think I talk a lot and mdomo umeniharibia kazi."


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