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Justina Syokau explains why she is quitting music in teary interview [Video]

Justina said her song 'Twendi Twendi Thilii' had been misinterpreted which was part of the reason she was getting backlash

Justina Syokau moved to tears as she laments hate from Kenyans

‘Twendi Twendi Thilii’ singer Justina Syokau on January 3, 2023, was moved to tears during an interview when she decried getting excess hate from Kenyans over her songs.

Syokau said her latest song 'Twendi Twendi Thilii' which had Kenyans on her neck had been misinterpreted adding that they were not supportive and were instead hurling insults at her.

“Those that have misinterpreted the song are those who are not spiritual, I sang the song filled with the holy spirit when you tell someone about the song and they are not spiritual their minds deviate to other things,” Justina said.

During the interview, Justina said she was struggling and going through a lot to develop content for ungrateful Kenyan fans.


“People have really trolled me, the hate I am getting for singing is too much. I wonder what you want me to do for you, when I sing you should be happy. I am always begging you to give me jobs instead you just keep trolling and insulting me,” Justina said as she shed tears.

Justina explained her songs to be prophecies which Kenyans have rejected and she was being blamed for things she was responsible for using the example of the Covid-19 pandemic.

She said there were testimonials from people who had been impacted positively by her songs. The singer noted she was leaving music for evangelism, which she would pursue through her Facebook page.


“I am a prophet, in 2020 I prophecied and people got blessings, when Covid came I was insulted and blamed for the pandemic. In 2021 I prophecied and people were restored, in 2022 I sang and many politicians called me saying they were blessed by my song.

" '2023' is the last song am releasing because the trolls have become too much, I am now starting a church I will be going live on my Facebook page to preach and prophecy,” Justina said.

Justina's latest song got a mixed reception as others said the song was great while others said her songs always ruin the year she has sung.


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