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Tensions soar at Ochonjo’s fundraising after Mike Wako, Sandra Dacha clash

In a dramatic turn of events, Sandra Dacha & Mike Wako engaged in a heated argument at Ochonjo's fundraising

Mike wako, Sandra Dacha and other comedians who were present at Duncan Ochonjo's fundraising on Thursday 25

In a dramatic turn of events Kenyan actress and social media influencer Sandra Dacha and comedian Mike Wako engaged in a heated argument during Ochonjo's fundraising ceremony on Thursday.

The incident, captured on video and shared by a local media house, showcased the two exchanging bitter words, with Sandra blaming Mike for allegedly abandoning Ochonjo during his dire time of need.

Defending his actions, Mike Wako vehemently denied abandoning Ochonjo and clarified the circumstances leading up to their strained relationship.


According to Mike, he decided to stop working with Ochonjo due to his persistent alcohol abuse, which significantly impacted their professional collaboration.

"Let me tell the truth. I used to work with Ochonjo and the main reason I stopped working with him is because of what you people have complained about, alcohol," Mike said.

Mike explained that when he initially started working with Ochonjo, the latter had been sober and they had a productive working relationship.


However, following the loss of Ochonjo's mother, he turned back to alcohol, making it challenging for Mike to continue their partnership.

"Ochonjo was a sober man when I started working with him. Ochonjo had stopped drinking and tulikua tunafanya naye kazi vizuri. But ilifika mahali after kupoteza mama yake akarudi kwa alcohol. So it was difficult to work with him," he said.

Acknowledging the difficulties of working with an alcoholic colleague, Mike disclosed that he had to move out of the shared house, as he needed space of his own. This decision effectively brought their collaboration to an end.


Regarding Ochonjo's serious illness, Mike clarified that the next time he reached out to him was to offer him work, but to his surprise, Ochonjo was already in the hospital.

Despite Ochonjo's desire for his condition to remain private, Mike took it upon himself to share the news on social media.

"Vile nilijua ni mgonjwa nilienda huko next day na nikaona this condition is not good for Ochonjo, and he needed help. That's why I did that video," he said.


He believed that raising awareness about Ochonjo's situation was crucial, as it would prompt people to come forward and offer the help he desperately needed.

Mike's decision to make the situation public stemmed from his genuine concern for Ochonjo as a friend and colleague.

"It was for awareness for people to come up. Watu hawakua wanajua Ochonjo ako wapi. that was the only way to expose him for people to come and help," he said.

Realizing the severity of Ochonjo's condition, he felt that urgent help was necessary, and the best way to facilitate that was by making people aware of the situation.


Ochonjo passed away on May 10 after he was rushed to the hospital. he will be laid to rest on Saturday May 27 2023.


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