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Terence Creative’s bold message to critics body shaming wife Milly Chebby

I never care about cyber bullies but Yesterday they almost got into me -Milly

Terence Creative and His Wife Milly Chebby

Cyber bullying or body shaming others on the internet is wrong and old fashioned and people should learn to be kind. Comedian Terence Creative has expressed discontentment in critics who have been body-shaming his wife Milly Chebby on social media.

In a well written post, Terence lashed out at cyber bullies reminding them all he sees in his wife is a beautiful soul, a kind and loving woman.


You can call her whatever you want and see whatever you wanna see in her but nothing shall ever blind me from seeing her beautiful soul, a kind and loving woman to me and anyone around her. Very cute @millychebby ❤️❤️”


He went on to remind his wife that trolls who utter insults at her for no worthwhile reason are just sad souls and pathetic attention seekers. Adding that cyber bullies don’t deserve anger but pity.

“When a fool utters all kinds of insults against you in social media without even knowing you or without any worthwhile reason or provocation, usually they are merely sad & pathetic attention seeking trolls who we should all feel sorry for.”

“They don't deserve our anger.

They deserve our pity. People who hide under fake accounts and anonymous account. Have nothing good to say. They always talk trash about others. Influence hate , bullying and abuse. They are instigators. They use this accounts to say filthy things and to ruin people lives. What they don't know is that Karma knows their real identity. “ I WISH YOU WELL CYBER BULLY. #iPityCyberbullies 🙏” wrote Terence Creative.


On the other hand, Milly Chebby was left wondering if there is a certain body type that everyone is supposed to have.

“I never care about cyber bullies but Yesterday they almost got into me I was left wondering is there a specific body one should have? what's a perfect body for you cyber bullies? What's wrong with this key board warriors ? who hurt them?

Anyway thanks @terencecreative for the words of affirmation 🤗

Styled by: @dianachanzu Best location ever: @westwoodhotelkenya posed Milly Chebby.


This is not the first time Milly Chebby and her husband are fighting off cyber bullies. In September 2020, Chebby shut down a fan who tried to body shame after putting up a photo rocking a black Bikini (Biker-short) and a kimono.

Clap Back

In a quick rejoinder, Ms Chebby hit back stating that; @gracie_successful I am from your page I thought you look like Nikki Minaj or Beyoncé stop the rubbish on my page”.

Milly’s response was echoed by a good number of her fans, who argued that Body shamming people on the internet is old fashioned and people should learn to be kind.


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