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Terence Creative’s Wife Milly in tears as she addresses claims of hacking Pika na Raych YouTube channel

Emotional Milly Chebby sets the record straight

Terence Creative, Milly Chebby, Kyamo and Raych Gitau

Comedian Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby has been forced to clear the air over allegations of hacking Raych Gitau’s YouTube Channel dubbed “Pika na Raych”.

In a 10 minute Video, an emotional Milly Chebby stated that she is not in any way linked to the hacking of Raych’s YouTube channel that had over 100K Subscribers.

A few weeks ago, Raych Gitau’s channel got hacked and fans were too quick to point fingers at Milly Chebby and The WaJesus family. However, Raych who is singer Kymo’s wife cleared the WaJesus name leaving Terence and his wife as the possible suspects.

This attracted lots of trolls and insults on their side forcing them to do a video clearing their name from the speculations.


We didn't Hack You

“Mimi sikuhack account ya Raych and we don’t know about it and we are very sorry that your account was hacked we know the pain; I would not imagine losing my account right now with all the videos we have done…and let me make it clear Raych am not competing with you, this space is too big na inatutosha sisi wote, tusifanye social media ikuwe this painful… People were body shaming me on Twitter, chit chat, why would you call me Pig, Hippo does that give you even joy, wametuita wezi, hackers, very bad names for something we did not do…

So this week I got DM’s of screenshots of guys saying that Terence and I have hacked an account of one Raych Gitau ‘Pika na Raych’… So guys went on their comments and said we know; according to how you are talking it’s the WaJesus Family and Terence Creative we are suspecting, the comments were so many and we ended up being trolled… but what hurt me most was Raych did an insta-story clearing the WaJesus Family and left us.

I have supported you before, why would i even comeback and hack you, am so clueless with Technology. Raych and Kymo that was very wrong. You went live and even did not want to clear our name even after fans asking you to do so… You waited for me to post ndo mnakuja clear leo morning, it’s not even fair at all, am so hurt. Not like you don’t know Us Raych na Kymo… was it hard kufanya tu video telling people it’s not us. You did it after nime complain,” said Milly Chebby.


Its Very Painful

Terence Creative added that; “This are people we have known before and even when she was starting her journey Chebet was there to support her. And every day Chebet could tell Raych unajua Kupika fungua YouTube yako uanze Kupika. And we expected kama unashuku ni sisi tumekuhack why don’t you call us or DM to ask, unaeza kuwa hutaki kuongea na sisi but just DM and say nashuku mnaeza kuwa mumehack account yangu, ni ukweli ana kunaenda aje?.

It’s very painful for guys taking my wife's photos na kuweka huko Chit Chat, Kilimani and people are insulting her…na anatukanwa kitu sisi hatujafanya na si ati hamtujui, you know us vizuri sana, we have supported you, you have supported us… We are not malicious at all na kama tuko na shida na mtu tutamwambia.”


Milly Chebby and Terence

Raych's response

In quick rejoinder, Kymo and Raych also did a video with an explanation that they did not mention Terence Creative anywhere and they are very sorry for the fans who accused them falsely.

“We did not mention anyone’s name or point out to anyone in specific or give leads to someone, whatever speculations being thrown around did not come from us. It came from rumour mongers not us,” said Kymo.


Raych's explanation


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