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Thee Pluto drags local TV station to court after months of frustrations

Thee Pluto vented his frustrations, concluding with that it is time to "Let them face the law now!"

Kenyan content creator, David Ndegwa popularly known as Thee Pluto

Celebrated Kenyan content creator and social media sensation, David Ndegwa popularly known as Thee Pluto has announced his decision to sue a local TV station that has been airing his content without his permission.

The father of two who shot to fame with his Thee Pluto Show explained that for several months now, the TV station identified as Tandao TV has been airing his YouTube content without paying a cent.

The digital content creator added that despite being lenient on the TV station for several months and reaching out to either have them stop airing his content or pay for the same, nothing much has been achieved on that front leaving him with no option but to take the matter to court.

"I am now taking legal action!!! This is Tandao TV and they have been airing my content for months despite warning them severally to cease!


“They do not pay me a penny plus they got no permission from me to air it." Pluto wrote on Instagram.

The content creator shared a screen with an episode of his Loyalty Test playing on the screen.

He lamented that the TV station has no idea how difficult it is to create content and airing the same without his consent or paying for it is insulting at the very least.


"Hawa wanaelewa struggle msee hupitia kwa streets tukitafuta content kweli? Kazi yao ni ku download alafu wanakuja kuair the content on their TV as their own content! (Do these people understand the struggles people go through on the streets when creating content? Their only job is to download and air other people’s content as their own.)

"Let them face the law now!!!"Pluto concluded.

Things have been looking good for the young content creator who has been serving his fans the best of his content and raking in the numbers that have also seen his paycheck grow.

Last year, Thee Pluto Show led in the Top Creators’ category in a ranking that was released by YouTube.


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