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TikToker Nyako reveals her pending deportation, begs Kenyans to adopt her 3 kids

Why TikToker Nyako is on the brink of deportation by German authorities.


Controversial TikToker Rose Atieno, popularly known as Nyako Pilot, recently dropped a bombshell in a live video, revealing that German authorities have prepared her deportation papers.

The outspoken content creator, known for her unfiltered videos, shared the unexpected news without providing specific reasons for her impending deportation.

This revelation has sparked a mix of reactions, with Nyako shedding light on her current predicament and challenging the stigma associated with her past.


Nyako Pilot announced her deportation in a live TikTok video that has been making rounds since December 28. She expressed distress over the disconnection of her power and water supply in preparation for her departure.

"Nimekatiwa stima, nataka mchango. Wamesema next weekend nakua deported so I don't need stima. Deportation papers zangu ziko tayari so wamenikatia stima, ata maji sina imagine. Deportation papers ziko tayari, sasa sijui nani ata adopt hawa watoto wangu," Nyako said.

The TikTok personality refrained from disclosing the grounds for her deportation, leaving followers curious and concerned about her situation.


Nyako mentioned that her three children, who have German citizenship, would not be deported with her.

She appealed to fellow Kenyans to consider adopting her children, emphasising the challenges her offspring would face if left in Germany post her deportation.


Despite the gravity of the situation, Nyako Pilot defiantly addressed those anticipating her deportation with a sense of celebration.

In a sarcastic tone, she assured her fans that financial support would still pour in even if she were back in Kenya.

"Pesa bado naye mtatoa, it doesn't matter kama nko Kenya. Kwanza nkiwa Kenya ndo best, ndo ntawafinya vizuri. Pesa mtatoa, mchango ahh mchango ehh," Nyako said.


Nyako Pilot's journey from Kenya to Germany has been marked by controversy, including her admission to having worked as a commercial sex worker in Kenya.

In an interview, she revealed that her TikTok moniker, 'Nyako,' originated from her time as a sex worker, bestowed upon her by fellow workers.

Despite facing judgment for her past, Nyako embraces her history, emphasising that it has shaped her into the person she is today.

The TikTok star is unapologetic about her journey and encourages others to focus on her present actions rather than passing judgment based on her past.


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