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Actress Njambi left with pain after move to get piercing on upper-lip backfires [Video]

Despite the discomfort, Njambi decided to offer some wisdom to those considering piercings on their tongue and lips

Actress Njambi

'Real House Helps of Kawangware' actress, Bernice Njeri, widely known by her role name Njambi, is currently dealing with the aftermath of a piercing gone wrong.

On her TikTok page, Njambi shared her recent attempt to pierce the upper part of her mouth, which took an unfortunate turn, leaving her with a swollen lip and in considerable discomfort.

Njambi didn't dwell on the matter but rather turned it into a light-hearted moment as she explained the unexpected outcome of her piercing attempt.

She humorously quipped, "Guys, for the longest time, I've been wanting this upper-lip piercing. Look at how swollen my lip is now; it looks like a botched lip surgery."


Despite the discomfort, Njambi decided to offer some wisdom to those considering piercings on their tongue and lips, warning them to be prepared for the inevitable swelling.

She was firm in her decision to keep the piercing despite the setback, sharing, "If you want an upper-lip or tongue piercing, just know you will swell. I've been home for two days because I don't want to leave the house. I've tried an ice cube, but it doesn't help, and I'm not removing it."

In a subsequent post, Njambi admitted that she eventually succumbed to the pressure and removed the piercing.


Alongside the upper lip piercing she had been aiming for, Njambi has various other piercings, including those on her nose, tongue, and ear.

Piercings, while often chosen as a form of self-expression and personal style, can sometimes take an unexpected turn.

In some cases, they may even escalate to more serious issues that require medical attention.

Njambi's experience serves as a cautionary tale, reminding individuals that even though piercings can be trendy and fashionable, they come with their own set of risks and potential complications.


When piercings go wrong, the consequences can range from minor irritations to more severe complications, such as infections and allergic reactions.

The improper handling of piercing equipment, unsterilized needles, and inadequate aftercare are common factors that can contribute to complications.

Additionally, certain medical conditions or individual sensitivities can further increase the risk of adverse reactions to piercings.


In the event of a piercing gone wrong, it is essential to prioritize proper care and prompt action. Here are some crucial steps to handle piercings that have encountered complications:

If you notice any signs of infection, swelling, or prolonged discomfort around the piercing site, consult a professional piercer or a healthcare provider immediately.

They can assess the situation and provide appropriate guidance on how to proceed.


Proper hygiene is essential for preventing further complications. Gently clean the affected area with saline solution or a mild, fragrance-free soap to keep it free from bacteria and debris.

Refrain from touching or manipulating the piercing unnecessarily, as this can introduce additional bacteria and potentially exacerbate the issue.

Avoid wearing tight clothing or accessories that could irritate the piercing.


Adhere to the aftercare instructions provided by your piercer diligently. This may involve using specific cleaning solutions, avoiding certain activities, and keeping the piercing dry and well-ventilated.

Keep a close eye on any changes in the condition of the piercing, such as increased redness, persistent pain, or unusual discharge. Any concerning developments should be promptly addressed by a professional.


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