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2 times Kibe successfully predicted celebrity breakups

Kibe says relationships advertised online will always fail

Andrew Kibe

YouTuber Andrew Kibe has gained notoriety for his videos in which he frequently criticizes celebrity relationships, boldly stating that they will not last long.

As a result, he often faces backlash from the celebrities he mentions.

However, it seems that some of his predictions have proven to be accurate, as several public figures have recently announced their breakups.


Andrew Kibe has consistently expressed his disapproval of Tyler Mbaya, also known as Baha, ever since Baha uploaded a TikTok video dancing with Georgina Njenga.

At the time, Georgina was pregnant, and Kibe became angered by the fact that they recorded the video with her belly exposed, igniting a discussion around the matter.

Kibe went on to predict that Baha and Georgina's relationship would not endure, as he believed Georgina would eventually leave Baha for a wealthier man.

He even advised Baha to prioritize his career first, suggesting that other aspects of his life would fall into place later.


What Kibe said came to pass after Georgina confirmed on July 13 that she broke up with Baha.

When asked about the differences between her previous relationship with Baha and her current one, Georgina, a 22-year-old YouTuber, emphasized that her new love is unique.


Kibe uploaded a video reacting to Baha and Georgina's breakup, where he sarcastically laughed, stating that it was inevitable.

He further expressed his belief that most relationships that are publicized online are not destined to last, and many people will be disappointed when celebrities announce their breakups.

Kibe specifically mentioned Churchill Ndambuki, suggesting that he might be the only celebrity with a long-lasting relationship, mainly because his wife remains relatively unknown to the public.


Additionally, Kibe remarked that dating someone from Nairobi can be challenging, as there are often numerous individuals sliding into their DMs, potentially swaying them to end the relationship.

In a separate video, Kibe predicted that Arrow Bwoy and Nadia's relationship would not endure due to their differing backgrounds.

While they did indeed break up in December, they eventually reconciled after some time apart.


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