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Arrow Bwoy reveals truth about huge fight with Nadia Mukami

Singer Arrow Bwoy has come clean about the current status of his relationship with fellow musician Nadia Mukami.

Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy

In December 2022, Nadia Mukami surprised her fans after announcing that she had broken up with Arrow Bwoy and also went on interviews to confirm the news.

What followed next was a series of confusing updates from the two stars, with their fans always guessing whether the couple had reconciled or not.

For the first time, Arrow Bwoy has recently admitted that when Nadia made the announcement, the two were facing a rough patch in their relationship.


"We have not broken mambo tu huchemka kwa relationship na ikichemka peaneni nafasi msipigane (Sometimes temperatures rise and when they do it is good to give each other space)," he said during a recent interview.

"Tulikuwa tumekosana vibaya sana. As far as I know, Nadia ni mama ya mtoto wangu na mpenzi wangu (We had a very huge fight but Nadia is the mother of my children and my partner)," he said.

Arrow Bwoy said that if they were to break up for good, they would not publicise their separation.

He explained that people process emotions differently, adding that Nadia may have felt justified to post that they had broken up.


"Maybe alipost akiwa na pressure fulani yenye pia najua hakuwa anataka kupost online. Alijipata imetoka na watu wameona na juu ni public figure watu wakakimbia nayo (When she made the post she was also under pressure and I know that she did not mean to do it and because she is a public figure it went viral)," Arrow Bwoy spoke.

He said that the young couple had learned from their mistakes.

During an interview in at the end of the year, she said 2022 has been a very challenging year for her as a new mother and a star trying to keep up with her singing career.

In an attempt to stop guys who were trying to book them for a double show, Nadia said through her Instagram stories that they had broken up.


“We have not been together for a while, we broke up. Kindly contact individual management for bookings,” Mukami wrote.

The two lovebirds got engaged in March 2022, during the launch of Arrowbwoys Focus album in Nairobi.’

Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami have a son, Kai, who they both appear to love so much. The two lovebirds even had a song written for him.


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