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Vera Sidika address Pregnancy rumours and her friendship with Zari Hassan

Vera sets the record straight

Vera Sidika with Zari Hassan.

Socialite Vera Sidika has refuted claims that she is pregnant for her hubby Brown Mauzo months after getting married.

In a Q&A, Ms Sidika made it clear they will get a baby at the right time, asking her fans not to worry as everything is in plan.

“Are you pregnant? reads a quiz to Queen Vee.

She responded “Aki who is spreading these rumours because everyone is asking the same question”


Hebu toa copy na Brown, Itakuwa copy flani amazing …acha kunjoja sana" another fan added.

Vera said “Said funny, btw we can make a very beautiful Baby, soon, Good willing”

Adding that; “I used to be the type that said I will never get married, it just was not for me. But the I met Bae it was so different. We are best of friends. Never though marriage would feel so effortless, with the right person of course”

“You are silent you must be going through something? Questioned another fan.


"If you all knew how tiring it gets to always have makeup on, wig, heels 24/7 take pictures and videos every time, every day for 9 years (since fame) honestly. I needed a break, I have a breathtaking view of the ocean but never bother to even take pics, I just wanna relax and enjoy real life small. Plus, since Corona and not much happening, thought this is the best time to go leave when curfew is lifted, my madness will also resurface” replied Vera.

At the same time, Vera sought to clarify that she is still in touch with South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, quashing reports that they are not in goods.

“Are you and Zari still friends? Asked a fan.


She replied “Yes. Very Much so”

For anyone who has been following up on Zari and Vera, you definitely know that they have been friends for years and have publicly shown support for one another.

They have always had each other’s back but lately, things seem to have shifted and their fans believe that the two had a fallout, something Vera has ruled out.



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