Vera Sidika on why she has chosen to give birth in Kenya & not in US (Screenshot)

This is the longest pregnancy of all time- Fan to Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika

Socialite Vera Sidika Mung’asia has been documenting her pregnancy journey and day in day out she has something new to say.

On Monday, Ms Sidika who is 8 months pregnant said that she has chosen to give birth to her baby in Kenya rather than in the United States of America.

The beautypreneur noted that she still has a valid US Visa but choose to stay in Kenya out of fear that she will be lonely once in the US.

5 years US Visa

“I almost travelled to give birth in USA. Since my 5 years Visa is valid. But this Covid pandemic isn’t fun. Then again, we couldn’t handle the idea of being Away from family and friends during my pregnancy for 4-6 months.

While pregnant. You need all the love, affection from friends, family. On a regular.

Being in a foreign country where everyone is super busy, working 2 or more jobs to even have time for you. Can be every depressing. Especially in this pandemic. You all just end up alone while everyone’s at work. I made the right decision and I have enjoyed my entored pregnancy journey. Nothing beats Home” said Vera.

Ms Sidika went on to confess that her pregnancy has been very smooth despite early warnings from Instagram in-laws.

8 Months Pregnant

“How I’m 8 months pregnant and still don’t feel pregnant, I feel the same way I felt before pregnancy. The Only change is; my belly got bigger and theres a little human kicking nonstop other than that, I am so shocked. I don’t feel pregnant. No morning sickness or tiredness. At 5 months’ people said; oh you might be feeling okay now but wait till I get to 7-8 months you won’t like it.

Now am here. Since 7 months I have been waiting to feel what they told me I will feel but haven’t. I can jump, run, I do everything as a normal non pregnant person. I’m actually loving it. I can’t believe my bump will go away soon. All in all, God is God” wrote Vera Sidika.

The update come hours after Vera hinted how in the future, she might choose to get five children instead of the three that she had planned to have. She expecting a baby girl with her hubby Brown Mauzo.


suriah91And the way when you announced I thought in a week time you will be having the baby😍😍. Next time , wait until is due like few weeks ndio u be put to bed”

lovely_meymo “This is the longest pregnancy of all time. I feel like you've been pregnant for like 2years already”

lyndsaykisaAki huyu mung'asia atazaa 2030”

qu.3437 “You are happy I am happy... I wish to meet you one day Vera... You are such a happy soul❤️😍”

shirline_molani “Wishing you a safe delivery mamie❤️🥰 I'll remember to always put you in my prayers 🙏 love from Newzealand 🇭🇲🇰🇪💞💕”

asha.herzog “I' wish you a safe delivery InshaAllah 👑V🌹🤲🏾alafu uenze kutupostia kamguu, kamkono 😂😍😍😍”

qu.3437May God protect you and your unborn child In Jesus Powerful Name Amen 👏”

coasterian_wave ‘❤️❤️❤️have a happy upcoming motherhood vee👏”

faith_ndinda_Wishing you a safe delivery mama❤️❤️may God be with you all through out the journey”


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