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Shiro clarifies relationship with Crazy Kennar

Shiro shed light into her relationship with Crazy Kennar, revealing how & when they met

Content creator and comedian Wanjiru Shiro & Crazy Kennar

Popular content creator Wanjiru Shiro has dismissed rumors of a romantic relationship with fellow comedian Crazy Kennar.

Despite their on-screen portrayal as a married couple in skits, Shiro clarified in an interview with a local media house on July 16, that their relationship is purely work-related, emphasizing that they do not mix business with pleasure.

Setting the record straight, Shiro stated that there was nothing more to their relationship than collaborating professionally.


She emphasized that they have never dated and that it would be extremely odd if they did.

"We don't mix business with pleasure. It's just work, there is nothing much into it. We have never dated. It would be very weird," Shiro said.

Recently, there have been rumors circulating about Crazy Kennar and his group experiencing some internal conflicts, although the exact reasons remain unknown.


Responding to the same, Shiro acknowledged that this is because of the growth and evolution of the industry.

She explaining that they both started acting at a young age, around 18 or 19. As they matured, some individuals, including herself and other group members, decided to venture into other endeavors.

"We started acting when we were young 18/19. People just grew up and decided to venture into other stuff," she said.


Shiro highlighted that when she initially started doing comedy, she never anticipated that it would become a lucrative career.

It began as a fun and creative outlet, but it has since blossomed into a profession for her.

"When I started I never knew comedy would make me money. We were doing it for fun. It's all about growth," she said.


Regarding her connection with Cartoon Comedian, another popular figure in the comedy scene, Shiro clarified that they are friends but not sisters.

They met while working on content creation and developed a friendship during the process.

The collaboration allowed them to exchange ideas and create entertaining content for their respective audiences.


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