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TikToker Bushra claps back at fans over Crazy Kennar's absence in her cheeky video

Bushra Sakshi who was a familiar face in Crazy Kennar's videos posted her latest video online with fans giving their take and prompting her to angrily clap back at some who questioned the absence of the award-winning comedian

File image of Crazy Kennar with Bushra Sakshi

The absence of renowned comedian Crazy Kennar in a skit shared by content creator Bushra Sakshi got fans talking, prompting her to respond after many questioned the absence of the comedian in the skit amid allegations of a fallout.

Bushra took to her TikTok page to share her latest piece with fans giving their take on the piece that had Kennar conspicuously absent.

One fan using the TikTok handle @all_iar251 opined that the piece lacked the touch of Kennar writing: "Kennar backbone. No Kennar no fun."

This saw Bushra clap back, scoffing at the fan and telling off those questioning where Crazy Kennar is to go look for him in his page.


"Enda kwa page yake, usinisumbue (Go to his page, do not disturb me).”

Below is the video that was shared by the TikToker.

Crazy Kennar recently raised concerns among his fans after sharing a cryptic message about depression online.

The award-winning comedian took to Instagram on Tuesday, July 4, sharing a brief message that read, "Depression is real."


Reports of troubled times and things falling apart

The post came in the wake of reports that his crew dubbed Comedy Cartel was facing challenges with unconfirmed reports indicating that there is a between him and his former castmates, Bushra, Yvonne Khisa, and Shiro.

Crazy Kennar started working with a crew of six members before two gentlemen, UsefulIdiotry and Stano branched out.

Stanno explained his reasons for parting ways with Kennar, dismissing claims that the award-winning comedian pushed out his crew after making money.


"Let me break it down for you those saying Crazy Kennar got money and ditched his boys for the girls, you are taking this thing too far, you are making a mountain out of a mole hill," he stated emphasizing that the rumours were blown out of proportion.

"I am a cinematographer, actor, and entertainer. I do well when I am behind the camera, so for the team, I decided I was going to entirely be behind the camera. This was a conversation I had to have with Kennar for me to leave and build my own brand," he stated.

Crazy Kennar won the hearts of many with his refreshing content that has seen him bag many awards and become a household name in Kenya’s entertainment industry.

He recently bagged silver during the Communications Authority KUZA Broadcasting Awards 2023 in the People’s Choice Award: Favourite Online Content Creator.


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