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Weezdom breaks silence after Willy Paul mentioned him in his defence

Ikishindikana, the truth shall set the innocent free - Weezdom

Weezdom, Willy Paul and Bahati

Former EMB signee Weezdom has broken his silence after Musician Willy Paul mentioned him, while defending himself against Diana Marua’s allegations.

In an update, Weezdom said that they will try to settle Willy and Bahati’s difference privately through friends and family before he gives his side of the story.

“Hallo Fam I'm aware that nimetajwa Sana by Pozze about whatever that is going on ..Amidst all the allegations za hii story ya Diana...Bahati na Willy Paul are True Brothers and both are my friends we'll try to see if we can settle this privately through Friends and Family. Ikishindikana, the truth shall set the innocent free🙏,” said Weezdom.


The statement come hours after Pozze mentioned him as a witness who could help him win his case against Diana Marua.

New Twist

On Friday, Pozze said that he will be suing Diana Marua for defamation and character assassination. He mentioned that his longtime nemesis Bahati is using his wife to settle scores with him.

“I am shocked by the false and utter defamatory allegations labeled against me by D, my longtime friend, the same has injured my reputation as a parent, father and public figure.

The allegations of attempted rape by D are baseless and orchestrated to win public sympathy, D’s crocodile tears have served the purpose and the poor mases are buying to it. I believe B is behind the scenes using the wife to fight his battles,” reads the statement in part.


The singer went on to insist that he has never assaulted or engaged in non-consensual sex with anyone.

“I was raised by a woman and I owe my whole career to a woman who held my hand when I was a naïve and on diapers in the industry.

"The women in my life have always been my greatest inspiration some have given me children, whom I treasure more than anything. I cannot and will never assault a woman sexually,” noted Pozze.


Diana Marua’s allegations

On Thursday, Diana Marua went public with allegations that Pozze tried to rape her a few years ago.

“I have been crying since i opened up in this video; this was simply the worst day of my life and a horror moment to any woman who has come across rape or almost got raped. I'm still in disbelief that a man can forcefully attempt to rape you but because they vê noticed you went silent they still clout chase with your name lying to the public that they have slept with you just for clout. is that a confirmation of what you did???,” he said.

She has also said that she has filed a case in court against Willy Paul.


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