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What do you miss about being single? - Nameless asks Wahu

Nameless waited patiently as Wahu looked for the right words to explain her answer.

Wahu, Bien, Nameless and Chiki Kuruka

Nameless and his wife Wahu recently sat down to ask each other questions about their lives as individuals and as a couple.

The game, which was posted on YouTube, started on a high as Nameless asked the Liar hitmaker what she misses most about being single.

I miss being able to be spontaneous. If my friends suggest we o to vasha I have to plan the kids, my husband nini nini. Everything now has to be planned I can’t just wake up and go,” Wahu said as her hubby make suggestive remarks.

The couple has been married for 16 years but the ride hasn’t been without its ups and downs.


In a recent episode of This Love, their reality show, Wahu revealed that she faced a crisis of conscience on whether to prioritise her marriage or religion.

I have always been born again and of course with my friends they did not like the fact that he was not saved also, one time I told him it was over. Then he wrote in my journal saying he did not understand why he was not good for me,” said Wahu.

Her husband, a well-known musician, on the other hand, does not appear to be in a rush to join his wife, since he has made no remarks about his salvation status and continues to sing secular songs.

During an interview in 2020, Wahu explained the reason why she doesn’t pressure or rush Nameless to get born again.


What we always tell each other is to strive to understand before you are understood. I am born again but he is not. That does not mean I should force my beliefs on him," the mother of two explained.

Nameless turned 45 years old on August 10 just a day later than his last-born daughter Nyakio who turned 8 years old.

At around the time of this post (11:30 pm) in 2013, my little Nyakio was born. If she'd waited just half an hour more she would have shared a birthday with her Papa but she was like eschus....I'm not here to share my shine with anybody! ,” Wahu explained the coincidence in a post on Instagram.


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