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Why Abel Mutua and Judy Nyawira may be forced to redo their wedding

Mkurugenzi and his wife on their social media platforms said they were now 'single' after the ordeal they had been through

Abel Mutua and Judy Nyawira

Filmmaker Abel 'Mkurugenzi' Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira have expressed their frustrations over how poorly government services are offered.

Mkurugenzi and his wife on their social media said efforts to verify their marriage certificate had been met with frustrations for reasons they found surprising.

"Imagine ndio naenda kuverifaiwa marriage certificate kuonyesha yakwamba marriage certificate napeana ni legit, sasa ati kumbe makosa tulifanya ni kuoana kwa garden actually, kama ulifanya harusi and haikuwa kwa kanisa shauri yako,” Mkurugenzi said.

"(Imagine we had gone to get our marriage certifacte verified to proof it was legitimate but it turns out the mistake we made was getting married in a garden, actually woe unto you if you did a wedding outside church)"


Mkurugenzi said it was unfortunate that government services had not been digitalised and people were still required to present physical documents in search of services.

The couple also revealed that those that got married outside churches would have trouble getting their marriage certificates verified.

"Kwa harusi kuna kitu wanapatiaga mtu apo inaitwa special license, inakaaga very useless, wakati nlipewa yangu hakuna mtu aliniambia iyo kitu ingekua important after marriage certificate imetoka, the only thing you are told is that a marriage certificate is important document for proof of marriage," Mkurugenzi narrated.


"(During a weeding you are issued with what is called a special license, it looks very useless when I was given mine no one told me it would be very important but then after the marriage certificate is out, it becomes the most important document)"

The couple said the special licence number that they were being required to present as indicated in the marriage certificate posing questions as to why the issuers of the certificate could not trace it by using computers.


Given that they don't have the special licence number the couple revealed they may be forced to redo their wedding in order to get the crucial documents.



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