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Why DJ Krowbar turned down a lucrative Sh7M deal

Krowbar said he politely declined the job which left the company representatives in awe

DJ Krowbar

In a world where financial gain often tempts individuals to compromise their values, there are those who choose a different path.

Renowned gospel DJ Karumba Ngatia popularly known as DJ Krowbar is one such individual.

In an episode on the POV Podcast with Cate Rira, Krowbar shared a remarkable story of integrity and principle. He opened up about a significant decision that led him to walk away from a lucrative Sh4 million deal.

The reason? A request for a substantial kickback threatened his integrity.


Krowbar emphasized the importance of setting a positive example for his children and ensuring they could be proud of their family's achievements.

When approached by a brand for an ambassadorial job, which initially agreed upon a contract worth Sh4 million, Krowbar's journey took an unexpected turn.

"I was called to be a brand ambassador for this big company, the room had about ten people. It was a two to three-year deal after our valuation we agreed on Sh4 million.


"Then a few weeks later two of the guys from the meeting called me for lunch to clear legal stuff but now they wanted me to up the rate to Sh7 million so that when the money was released I would give them three," Krowbar said.

The DJ, staying true to his values, swiftly declined the offer without hesitation.

"I told thanked them for honouring me with the opportunity but I told them I was not going to steal from a company," he stated.


Krowbar firmly stated, recognizing the consequences such actions could have on his own reputation and the company's welfare.

For Krowbar, the decision to walk away from the Sh4 million deal was driven by his desire to uphold integrity and accountability.

He wanted to ensure that he could provide a genuine explanation to his children when they questioned the origins of their family's possessions.


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