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Sean Andrew shares his unfiltered approach to getting true love

Sean Andrew revealed he has been single for a while and is in no hurry to get into one

Sean Andrews Kibaki

Content creator Sean Andrew Kibaki opened up about his experience with online dating and the unexpected reason behind shaving his signature dreadlocks.

Sean Andrew shared his foray into online dating, revealing that he initially joined the platforms due to peer pressure.

Like many adults, he succumbed to the influence of friends, but he soon realized that the interactions on these dating apps were far from fulfilling.

He found the digital connections to be shallow and unsatisfactory.


"They are rubbish interactions, you never leave the app so why are you making unworthy connections?

"We are humans; we communicate in person; there's no business about being locked in these electronic devices. When you are connecting with someone, you need face-to-face connections," he told Eve Mungai.

The social media content creator expressed a desire for genuine connections, emphasizing the importance of immersive experiences involving all senses.


For Sean, building meaningful relationships goes beyond the digital realm, and he firmly believes that real bonds are nurtured through personal, in-person interactions.

"I am not actively searching, and I am just myself. I am looking for a decent partner with whom we can build a legacy together," he added, clarifying that he is content with his current state of being alone and in no rush to find a partner.

During the interview, Sean Andrew also explained the significant decision of shaving his iconic dreadlocks.


He cited the negative connotations associated with dreadlocks, which led to unfair assumptions about his personality and character.

"I needed to get rid of them because of the negative connotation that comes with dreadlocks. I am myself and should not be defined by my hair," he candidly said.

By removing his dreadlocks, he aimed to challenge stereotypes and communicate his true identity without any preconceived notions based on his appearance.


During the interview, Sean Andrew also defended former President Uhuru Kenyatta's son whose home was recently raided over possession of weapons.

Sean said the targeting was unfair as well as that of former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

"I think Jomo was unfairly targeted, I am not going to pick sides politically but I think they should not have targeted anyone unrelated to what their disagreements are," Sean Andrew said.


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