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Qualities Zuchu's mum Khadija Kopa seeks in her next man

11 years after the death of her husband, Zuchu's mum Khadija Kopa reveals she's yet to find her ideal partner: Here are the qualities she seeks

Zuchu's mother Khadija Kopa

Renowned Tanzanian singer Khadija Kopa, mother to rising star Zuchu, recently opened up about her views on relationships, expressing her reluctance to entertain advances from younger suitors.

During an interview on Wasafi FM, Kopa shared her experiences with younger men and her preferences in romantic relationships.

She expressed her sentiment, stating, “Wanatokezea lakini sitaki vijana. Mungu hajanijalia kupata wanaume watu wazima, sijui kwa nini. ( I’ve seen them but I don’t want boys. God has not granted me the will to get a mature man)," Khadija said.


Khadija Kopa emphasized her preference for mature companions, asserting that younger suitors do not suit her taste.

She straightforwardly told them, “Nawaambia wewe ni mtoto mdogo kwangu. Haufai kwangu mimi, katafute kijana mwenzio….Sina muda huo. ( I tell them they are kids, they don’t deserve me and I tell them to go look for younger women. I don’t have time for that)," she said.

The legendary artist expressed her desire for a partner aged 50 and above, indicating her preference for individuals with more life experience and maturity.


Khadija Kopa's late husband, Jaffary Ally, passed away in 2013 after a brief illness in Bagamoyo.

She fondly recalled his love and support, often mentioning him during her stage performances.

Additionally, she experienced the loss of her only son, Omar Kopa, a talented Taarab singer, a few years ago, further highlighting the challenges she has faced in her personal life.


Regarding Zuchu’s father, Othman Soud, Zuchu acknowledged his presence in her daughter’s life before she rose to stardom.

In a previous interview, Zuchu lamented the absence of a parental relationship with her dad, Soud.


She termed it as life's 'bad luck' that he has not had a parental relationship with his daughter. She supposed that, had her father been available, he would have made visits similar to Diamond's with his children.

"Mimi ni mtoto wa hivo. Mamangu mimi, babangu hakuwa naye. Bahati mbaya tu, mimi babangu hakuwa involved kwenye maisha yangu. Lakini pengine ningepata baba ambaye angetaka kuwa involved, angekuwa anakuja nyumbani. Kwa hivo ni kitu cha kawaida," she said.

She emphasised that such fathers making visits to spend time with their kids should be considered a normal and welcome aspect.


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