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Zuchu discloses little-known detail about her absent dad, compares him with Diamond

Tanzanian singer Zuchu has reflected on her absent father, highlighting the involvement and care Diamond Platnumz showers on his children

Tanzanian singer Zuchu

The conversation with Wasafi Media on Tuesday touched on various aspects of her music career, her relationship, and an aspect she had never publicly addressed before; her absent father.

One of the questions posed to Zuchu was how she felt about her boyfriend, the iconic Diamond Platnumz, and his interactions with his baby mamas, Tanasha Donna, Zari, and Hamisa Mobetto.


She was specifically asked about their involvement in celebrating milestones in their children's lives, such as birthdays.

Zuchu expressed her understanding and support for Diamond's involvement in the upbringing of his children.

She mentioned that when she started her relationship with Diamond, she was well aware of his status as a father and the responsibility of raising his kids.

"Mimi kipindi nilianza naye nilijua ni mtu ana watoto na nilijua lazima ashiriki katika vitu vya watoto wake. Naseeb ana watoto na kila siku atakuwa kwenye maisha yao.


"Watacelebrate birthday's na lazima wazazi wenza watakuwepo pale. Wale washakua familia mpaka mmoja wao azikwe. Na hata akizikwa, lazima bado atakuwa mwanafamilia," she said.

She emphasised that keeping a close eye on internet-related matters could disrupt one's life, a statement that alluded to avoiding unnecessary online drama.

According to Zuchu, the natural progression of co-parenting requires parents to come together during significant events in their children's lives.


She saw no issue with this and viewed it as a part of life. Zuchu witnessed parents who had formed lasting relationships through the shared bond of their children.

These interactions, whether celebrating a birthday or attending other significant life events, were considered entirely normal.

She acknowledged that things become more comfortable over time. Co-parenting, in her view, requires patience and understanding.


"Hivi ni vitu vya kawaida, na wala sikuona tatizo. Sikuona kitu chochote kibaya sababu sikuona kama wamekumbatiana wala kupigana mabusu. Niliona tu wazazi wawili waliokutana kumsherehekea mtoto wao.

"It is easier with time. Kila kitu kinahitaji muda na maelewano kwamba huyu mwanamme niliye naye ana watoto ikitokea kitu chochote familia hukutana," she said.

Zuchu revealed that her father was absent during her upbringing.


She termed it as life's 'bad luck' that he has not had a parental relationship with his daughter. She supposed that, had her father been available, he would have made visits similar to Diamond's with his children.

"Mimi ni mtoto wa hivo. Mamangu mimi, babangu hakuwa naye. Bahati mbaya tu, mimi babangu hakuwa involved kwenye maisha yangu.

"Lakini pengine ningepata baba ambaye angetaka kuwa involved, angekuwa anakuja nyumbani. Kwa hivo ni kitu cha kawaida," she said.

She emphasised that such fathers making visits to spend time with their kids should be considered a normal and welcome aspect.


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