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I'm not his mum to tell him anything - Khadija Kopa's fiery response to Zuchu's dating reports

Zuchu's mum Khadija Kopa, for the 3rd time, dismisses Diamond Platnumz as her son-in-law and clashes with reporters who insist the two are an item

Diamond and Zuchu

The alleged romantic involvement between Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu has been a subject of widespread speculation and public curiosity.

However, Khadija Kopa, the mother of Zuchu, stands firm in her refusal to acknowledge Diamond Platnumz as her son-in-law until the customary process of dowry payment is completed.

In a recent interview with local bloggers, Khadija reiterated her position on Zuchu's relationships, emphasising that she does not recognize any romantic involvement unless the traditional dowry payment has been fulfilled.


“I do not know anything about her relationship. I will recognize any of her relationships after they pay her dowry. Hana mahusiano na mambo ya boyfriend siezi jua mi mtu mzima... Wajukuu ninao tele, siyo lazima yeye. Lakinin mungu akimjalia atamjalia," said Khadija.

Despite the public's speculation about intimacy between Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz, Khadija remains steadfast in distancing herself from acknowledging any alleged relationship. She categorically referred to Diamond as merely a boss to her daughter.


“Who is Diamond? He is just a boss to her. I do not know anything going on between them. I have not seen any videos. I don't have any message for him. He is just an artiste, and I am not his mother to tell him anything,” Khadija said.

In a previous interview, Khadija went ahead to advise other men who might be aspiring to have her daughter to consider bringing their dowries because she is still not taken.

"Mtu ana pesa yake aje. Yeyote tu. Simba hajamuoa wala hajaleta mahari na wala si mchumba wake. Mtu yeyote tu anaweza kuja," she said.


Zuchu had previously confirmed her relationship with Diamond Platnumz in an interview.

In the same interview, Zuchu also addressed concerns about her feelings regarding Diamond Platnumz's three previous baby mamas and their children.


She expressed her understanding and support for Diamond's role in the upbringing of his children.

"Mimi kipindi nilianza naye nilijua ni mtu ana watoto na nilijua lazima ashiriki katika vitu vya watoto wake. Naseeb ana watoto na kila siku atakuwa kwenye maisha yao.

"Watacelebrate birthday's na lazima wazazi wenza watakuwepo pale. Wale washakua familia mpaka mmoja wao azikwe. Na hata akizikwa, lazima bado atakuwa mwanafamilia," she said.


This confirmation followed a public display of closeness between the two as they performed their hit song 'Watasubiri' at the Wasafi Festival.


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