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It was hurting - Willis Raburu exposes radio presenter who mocked his weight

Willis Raburu recounted an emotional incident of weight mockery by a radio presenter who was a friend

Former Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu

Former Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu has recently opened up about the challenging times he faced when his body weight became the target of ridicule and criticism.

Raburu shared that even friends within the same industry joined in on the online attacks, causing significant stress and emotional distress.

Speaking on Phil Director's podcast on July 17, Raburu reflected on the impact of the derogatory remarks, and admitted that at times, he refrained from reading the comments altogether.

"It was actually really stressing, hurting and disturbing. It got to me a lot of times. Sometimes you've just posted a picture, but the comments, what people are saying... And it's more of how they're saying it. They're very vulgar and ruthless. I remember one time it sounded funny, I laughed but then asked myself huyu ameniambia nini," Willis said.


However, there was a particular incident involving a radio presenter who publicly mocked him in the comments section.

"Sometimes it got to a point where i din't read comments, There's a time a radio presenter dissed me on the comment," he said.


Raburu confronted the presenter, expressing his disappointment and reminding him that they were supposed to support each other rather than derive amusement from someone else's pain.

"I told him dude were supposed to be together and you know what youre doing is wrong. Then he said no no am just doing it for laughs. So i told him to do it the right way, go to a stage, get a microphone and make people laugh. Dont laugh and benefit off of somebody's pain," he said.

Although the radio presenter apologized, he did not remove the offensive comment. Raburu took matters into his own hands and deleted the comment later, as the presenter seemed to revel in the moment.


"Of course he apologised but he didnt take down the comment, am the one who had to go a day later and delete it because he was enjoying the moment," he said.

Motivated to remove end the stigma, Willis decided to undergo a bypass surgery to shed some weight in May 2022.

Raburu said that he decided to go for the surgery after many attempts of trying to work with many fitness trainers.


According to the father of two, he also wanted to address the misconception that it was merely a shortcut and demonstrate that it could be a positive step towards better health.

Despite the surgery being a costly endeavor, Raburu encourages others who can afford it to consider the option, emphasizing the positive impact it has had on his life.

"When i went for the surgery i also wanted to remove the stigma around it. Many people do this surgery but they don't want to talk about because people say it is a short cut. Its expensive but if you can do it," he said.

Now, Raburu experiences an uplifting feeling when he dresses up and looks at himself in the mirror.


The results of the surgery have been transformative, both in terms of his appearance and his overall well-being.

"The feeling i get now is priceless... Like when i dress up and looks at myself in the mirror am like wow... It's uplifting and then also the benefit healthwise are amazing. And this is something i encourage people to do," he said.

He believes that it is crucial to promote body positivity and empower individuals to make choices that benefit their health and self-esteem.


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