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Ivy Namu reveals reasons for 3-year career break & ambitions to own a media company

Willis Raburu's wife Ivy Namu explains why her career had to take a back seat for three years.

Willy's Raburu's wife Ivy Namu ( Instagram)

Ivy Namu, the partner to media personality Willis Raburu, has shared insights into her three-year career break, citing her commitment to prioritising her children's well-being.

In a conversation with a local media outlet on April 17, Ivy disclosed that her decision to step back from her career was driven by her desire to be fully present for her children during their formative years.

Acknowledging the significant support she received, she emphasised the importance of intentional parenting and expressed her aspiration to provide her children with a nurturing environment.


"Giving birth is not a small thing. My career had to take a back seat for me to raise my children. It was not a priority for the past three years. Lakini sasa naona nimeanza kurudi.

"I thank my husband for creating a conducive environment for me to be a good and present mum without any worries," Ivy remarked, attributing her ability to resume her career to the supportive environment created by her husband, Willis Raburu.


Expressing gratitude for Raburu's unwavering support, Ivy commended him for his role as a loving husband and father.

She highlighted his gracious demeanor and underscored the importance of having a supportive partner in navigating parenthood.

"He's such a good man, father, and husband. It's even amazing to watch him do it because he's so gracious. I wish that for every woman," Ivy expressed, reflecting on Raburu's contributions to their family life.

In 2021, Namu revealed that she met Raburu while working at Hot 96. It happened after she appeared on his show '10 Over 10' in November 2019.


Their initial acquaintance blossomed into a deep connection. The couple began dating in 2020, not long after Willis separated from his ex-wife Marya Prude.

In July 2022, Raburu went down on one knee and proposed to Namu on their son's first birthday.


Addressing speculation about financial challenges affecting their ventures, Ivy clarified that their decision to pause the 'Wabebe Experience' was strategic rather than a result of financial constraints.

She revealed their shared aspiration to establish a media company, leveraging Raburu's extensive expertise in the field.

"Of course, that would be a nice full-circle moment... He's been in the media for 13 years and is an expert in the field. It is our dream. We would love that and make it do what it does. Tuko kwenye mikakati. Tunajipanga," Ivy shared, emphasizsing their commitment to realising their entrepreneurial vision.


Ivy and Raburu announced the arrival of their second baby on September 12, 2022.


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