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Ivy Namu reminisces meeting Willis Raburu at work as colleagues bid him farewell [WATCH]

Raburu will be hosting his final show on Friday, June 30 before he finally calls it wraps

Willis Raburu, Ivy Namu and their children enjoying a cake

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu was in for a delightful surprise on Thursday, June 29, as he marked his second last day at the station.

His family, including his fiancée Ivy Namu and their two children, joined his colleagues in celebrating the occasion with a heartfelt gesture. The event was filled with warmth and appreciation for Raburu's contributions over the years.

Among those present was Ayub Abdikadir, who spoke on behalf of the colleagues gathered. He emphasized the strong bond they shared saying they remain a family.

"Willis, we are here as a family, more than a decade in service, but a soldier does not abandon his tools. All the very best," Abdikadir said.


Another colleague Swila took a moment to acknowledge the journey they had embarked on together.

"We have walked a journey on sporty Monday, this is just to wish you the best of luck for yourself and your family," he said.

Fred Arocho, a member of the sporty Monday panel, congratulated Raburu for his outstanding work and assured him of his fans' unwavering support.


"For me, it's just to congratulate you for the good job you did on Monday. The notice on social media was abuzz. For us here, it's just the tip of the iceberg. Guys out here are really behind you, and we believe that success is destined for you," Arocho said.

Raburu's fiancée, Ivy Namu, also shared her sentiments, expressing her pride in his accomplishments. She praised his work ethic and took a moment to reflect on their personal relationship.

"Willis, I hope you feel so appreciated today. We are so proud of you. Your work ethic is so admirable, and I'm very blessed to have caught you before you, and am blessed to have worked with you," she said.

Namu said she was lucky to have worked with Namu in the station before he chose to exit.

"I am very lucky to have caught you and worked with you before your stint ended and you are a people person and thank you for touching as many lives as you could," Namu said.


Grateful for the support and well wishes, Willis Raburu took a moment to express his gratitude to the guests and his team. His words echoed with sincerity as he thanked them for making the Thursday program a success.

Willis will be hosting '10 over 10' show on Friday which will now mark his last day.


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