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Xtian Dela finally responds to negligence claims by mother

Xtian Dela has finally responded to claims he has neglected his mother for over 4 years and cut off his family

Xtian Dela

Vlogger Xtian Dela has finally responded to claims of neglecting his mother.

Earlier, Xtian’s mother Reverend Naomi Nyongesa said that the family last spoke to Xtian Dela in 2019 before he blocked and withdrew from them.

She emotionally recounted how she watched her son build his brand in the entertainment industry working with prominent names such as Jeff Koinage and was very proud of him.

The mother of 5, who is an actress in the Hullabaloo show said even his siblings have been unable to reach their brother.


Ms Nyongesa said trouble started when she raised concern about Xtian’s lifestyle and being a Christian she was saddened to see him wear tattoos, and indulge in what she termed as odd behaviour.

She explained that she did not have any ill intentions for her son and was only looking out for his best interests.

She said it was unfortunate that her son had blocked her from all platforms and that she only receives occasional reports about his activity from other parties.


Ms Nyongesa divulged that she recently reached out to her son’s baby mama Fatma Banj, with a message asking Xtian to visit his family for an urgent matter. This also bore no fruits.

According to her neither she nor other family members have been introduced to Xtian's baby or his partner.


However, responding to the appeal by her mother, Xtian hinted at a number of things which might have led to him distancing himself from his mother.

On his social media pages, the father of one shared an article which listed traits of toxic parents which included manipulation, constant criticism, lack of boundaries, neglect, blame-shifting, gas lighting and enmeshment.

Dela did not dive deep into details as to how he and the mother fell apart. He is yet to however verbally make a statement on the claims by his mother.


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