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Meet Marya Okoth: 'A Nurse Toto' receptionist with nauseating attitude

Meet Marya Okoth, the receptionist with an attitude & a temperament that is provocative!

Marya Okoth

If there is one person who has remarkably honed her craft within a short period in the world of acting, it is Marya Okoth, fondly known as Maryann, the receptionist with a nauseating attitude on the popular series 'A Nurse Toto.'

At just 23 years old, Marya has already made waves in the Kenyan entertainment industry, rising to fame and becoming one of the fastest-growing actors in the country.

Marya Okoth was born and raised in Homabay County, where she spent her formative years and pursued her education.


From her primary school days in Homabay to Butere Girls for her secondary education, Marya's passion for drama and acting was evident.

This talented young woman graduated with a bachelor's degree in Interior Design from Kenyatta University in July 2022.

Marya's love life intertwines with her burgeoning acting career. She is married to YY comedian and together, they have a daughter named Baby Circe Gaona.


The couple celebrated a 4-year anniversary on July 26, marking a milestone in their love story.

Marya Okoth in 2021 when renowned Churchill Show comedian, YY, introduced her on Churchill Show as his girlfriend.

Before their public appearance, Marya's acting skills were already captivating fans through YY Comedian's short YouTube clips. However, they were still trying to hide their relationship.


Acting has been an integral part of Marya's life since her early days. From primary school to campus, she immersed herself in drama, honing her skills and dreaming of making it big in the entertainment industry.

Her passion for acting was evident as she shared her aspirations with friends and classmates, confidently declaring that she would one day grace the television screen.

"Straight from primary school to campus I don’t think there is a year that I have not been acting. Am actually living my dream because when I was in primary and High school I used to be really good in drama. So, I just used to tell my friends and classmates mi nikitoka hapa ntaenda kwa TV," she said.


Marya's portfolio already boasts several impressive projects. She featured in a Safaricom short video with Terence Creative and made a significant impact as Maryann in 'A Nurse Toto,' series which ran from the end of 2022 to beginning of 2023.

'A Nurse Toto' in particular, catapulted her career to new heights. She showcased her talent on stage in a Kenya National Theater play, portraying a ghetto girl character in 2022.

Currently, Marya plays the role of a waitress in 'Dinga Ya Wife,' a drama series written and directed by her husband, YY Comedian.

The series garners attention and an episode is released weekly on YY Comedian's YouTube channel.


Marya's preparation for new roles is rooted in her high school experiences, where her director taught her to internalize characters.

She socializes with diverse individuals, which enhances her ability to effortlessly slip into different roles.


"My director taught us that akikupatia role you have to internalize. So, as a creative its so subconscious that we are so conversant. Mi socializing with different people helps a lot. So sometimes I try to picture myself to be another person and practice," she said.

Marya also conducts thorough research and occasionally draws inspiration from people with similar character traits she follows on social media.

"I also research a lot because huwezi work na hiyo ya remembering. Also if I know someone am following on social media with the same character am supposed to assume I stalk them to see how and learn how they do it," she said.

Marya acknowledges the physical demands of acting, especially the need to stand and move around frequently, which was challenging due to a past medical condition.


Financial challenges are also occasionally present, but she manages to navigate them effectively.

Interestingly, Marya admits to being a soft-hearted person in real life, which sometimes poses difficulties when portraying savage characters on stage, like in the theater play.

Beyond her acting prowess, Marya showcases her creativity and influence as a content creator and brand influencer. Her YouTube channel boasts three distinct shows: 'Flight of Motherhood,' 'The Man of the House,' and 'Interior Design Hacks.'


The future is undeniably bright for Marya Okoth. With numerous opportunities awaiting her, she is determined to make the most of her burgeoning career, continually impressing audiences with her exceptional talent.

This is only the beginning for this rising star in Kenya's entertainment industry.


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