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YY explains how he 'punished' girlfriend, Marya Okoth with her own money

YY and Marya have one kid

Marya Okoth and YY Comedian

Comedian YY, while speaking on a podcast with his girlfriend Marya Okoth, revealed an incident where she disrespected him, and the consequences she faced as a result.

According to YY, there was a day when he had explicitly instructed Marya not to use one of his cars. However, she defied his orders and proceeded to drive the car.

YY recounted a situation where he left his house for an event, only to receive a text from Marya moments later, informing him that the car was experiencing mechanical issues. YY was certain that it was indeed a mechanical problem.


He promptly contacted a mechanic, who had to open up the entire engine to fix the issue. As a result, YY was presented with a bill of approximately Sh30K. However, he realized that he owed Marya Sh20K.

YY explained that he made the decision to use Marya's money to pay the mechanic, considering the fact that he had specifically asked her not to use the car but she had disregarded his instructions.

Marya protested against this action, arguing that as a couple, such decisions should be made together. However, YY disagreed with her opinion.


Marya continued to express her perspective, stating that she was simply driving around when the car unexpectedly broke down. However, YY interrupted her, playfully teasing her about her driving skills.

YY then elaborated, emphasizing that Marya had been solely focused on driving without paying attention to the indicators and information displayed on the car's dashboard.

YY continued, expressing his belief that if he had been present during the incident, he could have interpreted the warning signs on the dashboard and taken appropriate action before the situation worsened.


YY mentioned that if he had given Marya permission to use the car, he would have taken full responsibility for any issues that arose.

He added that he would have used his own money to address the situation.


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