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Zari Hassan elevates son's birthday with sleek Mercedes Benz

Zari skillfully spun a tale for her son, leading him to believe they were embarking on a mission to scout an office space for his new business venture, only to surprise him with a sleek ride.

Zari Hassan and her son Pinto Tlale

Businesswoman Zari Hassan pleasantly surprised her son Pinto Tlale with a new car on his 20th birthday.

However, Zari took to her Instagram page to reveal that her son was completely unaware of the events leading up to the day, before they headed to a car dealership.

Zari uploaded a video featuring herself and Pinto, where she narrated that she had informed Pinto they were heading to the location of his new business venture.


"He recently registered a logistics and construction company. I told him I found a perfect address for his business. He thinks it's where we are going Shhh," Zari wrote.

Moments later, they found themselves in a car dealership, where Pinto's expression was captured on film, a mix of surprise and realisation that he was now a new car owner in the city.

The car Zari purchased for her son is a Mercedes Benz E-Class, valued at Sh4 million in Kenya.

Zari proceeded to extend her congratulations to Pinto for becoming a car owner.


She mentioned that they were planning to add a black wrap to the car, indicating their intention to change the sleek ride's original white color.

Zari, a mother of five, has established a tradition of commemorating her children's birthdays through extravagant celebrations and opulent gifts, which she frequently showcases on social media.

In 2022, Zari and Diamond Platnumz orchestrated an extravagant birthday bash for their daughter, Princess Tiffah.


The event attracted various luminaries, including Bongo Flava artists.

In the subsequent year, 2023, Tiffah's birthday was commemorated with an exclusive photoshoot, captured to mark the occasion.

Zari proudly shared some of these pictures on her Instagram account.


Likewise, during their son Prince Nilan's fifth birthday in 2021, Diamond and Zari arranged an exclusive photoshoot where the young prince was elegantly dressed in a suit to honor the milestone.

Zari Hassan is celebrated her son Quincy's 16th birthday and has taken to Instagram to share her excitement with her fans.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Zari showcased her son's growth as she asked her fans to wish him a birthday.

"Help me wish my son Quincy a happy birthday," Zari captioned the post.


On her end, Zari also indulges in purchasing expensive items whenever she celebrates her own birthdays.


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