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Wasafi FM presenters put pressure on Zuchu to name her ex-boyfriend

Baba Levo leads the Wasafi FM presenters in pressuring Zuchu to mention her ex-boyfriend

Bongo Flava star Zuchu

Bongo Flava star Zuchu faced pressure from Wasafi FM presenters to discuss her past relationship in a video shared on September 19th.

Baba Levo, who initiated the question, was persistent in his efforts to uncover details about her previous romantic life. However, Zuchu simply smiled and politely declined to disclose any names.

Baba Levo speculated that Zuchu was reluctant to mention her ex because she has achieved financial success and they no longer possess significant wealth.


"Umekua ukiwakataa wapenzi wako wa zamani kwa sababu umeona hawana kitu," Baba Levo said.

Levo, however, persisted, insisting that it would be beneficial for Tanzanians to learn about her past relationships.

Nevertheless, Zuchu firmly rejected his request, stating that she wasn't romantically involved with anyone before dating her boss, Diamond Platnumz.

She claimed to have been single for two years but then contradicted herself by adding that she didn't want to provide her ex with free publicity.


Baba Levo, seemingly determined to extract the name, stood up in the studio and boldly declared that he wasn't afraid of Diamond. He urged Zuchu to reveal the details.

On November 22, 2022, a heartwarming birthday message emerged from none other than Mama Dangote, directed towards Zuchu as the talented artist celebrated another year.

In her message, Mama Dangote lovingly referred to Zuchu as her daughter-in-law, a gesture that has sparked curiosity and speculation regarding the future.


Sanura's birthday wishes for Zuchu carried a genuine tone, expressing her desire for a life filled with blessings for the young artist.

Her use of the term 'daughter-in-law' led many to ponder the possibility of her son, Diamond Platnumz, making Zuchu an integral part of their family in the future.

Zuchu had earlier dismissed claims that she was romantically involved with Diamond stating that she would never be in a relationship with her boss.

Zuchu and Diamond have been captured in photos and videos in intimate poses, seemingly confirming that they are in a romantic relationship.


However, despite the visual evidence, some of their fans still believe that it might all be a part of their showbiz personas.


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